What we do

We have competitors, but no real competition

If you had to put us in a box, that box would be labeled, “customer service outsourcer.” But our approach is so radically different it’s time we just threw that box away.

The difference is the model

The NOW Customer lives online and has massive expectations around CX. So we created a new customer support outsourcing model combining people, technology, and intelligence to exceed their demands and give you an unfair advantage over the competition.


Scalable Always-On Workforce

A Human Cloud Network that’s always on for every customer. No fixed hours, no fixed wages. A completely distributed workforce that can scale to meet your needs anytime of day, no matter the demand.


Machine-Enabled Accuracy & Efficiency

We don’t rely on traditional training and coaching like some other customer service outsourcing companies. Our Specialists are better because we train our platform with decision logic, guidance, and brand-specific information. The result? A way better experience for your customers.


Insights improve CSAT and Customer Effort

Not only does the platform use AI to scale the service quality of our entire network, but we have business intelligence built right in. This provides the insights you need to proactively improve our service and reduce friction for your customers.

Like outsourced customer support services, only much, much better

Across every digital channel and throughout every part of the purchasing journey, Simplr has you covered around the clock. When potential customers get the help they need in the way they want it, they buy more.

Traditional Contact Center
  • Constant Resource Planning and Preparation
  • Costly Compromises
  • Deflection
  • Neglected Customers
  • Cost Center

Ready to Transform Your Contact Center Model?