Improve Customer Satisfaction

Improving CSAT isn’t rocket science, though it does involve AI.

Do you like being ignored, deflected, or feeling unheard? Then neither do your customers.To improve CSAT, just treat everyone like you would like to be treated. Simplr’s solution can help.

The perfect combo of man and machine – learning.

To combat customer neglect, we start by hiring uniquely talented specialists, then we scale their abilities with AI and machine learning. This means no matter what time of day, no matter what day, no matter the demand, Simplr has you covered with the highest level of quality possible.

Scalable staffing without the costly prep

Lightning fast responses

Creating more 5 star fans and loyal customers starts with fast first-response times across all digital channels. In fact, 59% of consumers say the speed of response is the most important part of exceptional service. Which leads to amazing word-of-mouth and massive improvements in CSAT scores. Our response times are industry best. Nailed it!

  • Avg. Email Response Time: <3 hours
  • Avg. Chat Responses: <30 secs

Machine-enabled accuracy and quality

Customers don’t care about your backlog, only about answers to their questions and empathetic response to their problems – an issue when demand is high and speed and quality suffer. One we tackle using AI trained with the decision logic, guidance, and brand and product specific information needed to scale the quality of our service so every Simplr specialist delivers an exceptional experience every time.

  • Avg. CSAT lift: 7-16%
  • Avg. Rating: 4.75/5.0

Constant measurement and optimization

We built business intelligence into our software to measure and analyze your customer’s experiences. This allows us to consistently optimize the service quality of our Human Cloud Network, and gives you the tools to recognize and address experience gaps that are causing customer’s friction. Our partners have found that constant small changes have a big impact in their CSAT.

90% of response times are under 30 seconds.
42% higher repeat purchase rate for customers who engage with Simplr
“The idea of Simplr just seemed too good to be true. To watch Simplr Specialists take Princess Polly tickets for the first time was an incredible experience.”
  • Alexandria Collis
  • Director of Customer Experience, Princess Polly