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Princess Polly 
reduces phone volume
with Simplr’s 24/7 live chat staffing



Hyper-flexible customer service staffing


“Simplr jumping on board and assisting with our chat and email volume has been a blessing in disguise. It has truly been an incredible experience.”

Princess Polly is an Australian-based online fashion boutique. The global brand has undergone tremendous growth since its founding in 2010, and has become a go-to spot for young women to shop the newest looks.

When email volume started to surge, US Customer Experience Manager Alexandria Collis reached out to Simplr staffing to get her team some relief from the "extreme" amount of emails rolling in.  

“The idea of Simplr was just too good to be true,”  recalled Collis. “Our team was nervous [about maintaining] our brand voice.  We’ve worked extremely hard to ensure that our brand voice is always consistent.” 

Collis’s fears subsided once she saw Simplr’s distributed network of high-caliber talent in action.  “To watch Simplr Specialists take Princess Polly tickets for the first time was an incredible experience. It was like they were doing the job for us… and to know that the volume was now manageable for our agents.... we were absolutely thrilled.

The partnership between Simplr and Princess Polly has proven to be even more fruitful as time goes on. Not only was the email backlog under control, but Princess Polly was able to proactively leverage Simplr to scale its digital channels and reduce costs for the long haul. 

Cost Benefits of Using Simplr

Simplr’s hyper-flexible, pay-for-what-you-use pricing structure and best-in-class first response times of 90% of chats under 30 seconds have resulted in three notable cost-saving results for Princess Polly:

1. Significant reduction in phone volume. Historically, phone is the most expensive customer service channel to staff and maintain.  Since Simplr was able to give Princess Polly the ability to staff 24/7 live chat, they saw a significant decrease in their phone volume. “That was really exciting to see because we know [phone] is the most costly channel. Once we got rid of some of that volume, we just were running so much more efficiently.”

2. Best-in-class live chat experience. Having live chat staffed 24/7 is helping convert more customers during peak browsing hours (8pm-midnight in the US). Simplr is helping Princess Polly achieve a human response time of <30 seconds on 90% of chats. With customers who engage with live chat 3x more likely to buy, the benefit of having it available 24/7 is powerful (and profitable).

3. Increased productivity across the team. With phone volume down and Simplr helping with email and chat, Collis says her team is more productive than ever. They’re able to respond more quickly to higher-priority inquiries, which contributes to customer satisfaction and retention. 

Most notably, Collis feels more empowered to lead her team, particularly during this time of great uncertainty.  “As a manager, I feel that I'm able to be there for my team a little bit more, as well as scale the business.”  

To see how Simplr’s on-demand staffing can help reduce costs while increasing productivity, get a quote here.

“24/7 chat coverage really helps our team to stay productive… and it helps our company's culture.

[Our] agents feel good at work knowing that they're not as stressed or having to deal with ‘low-hanging fruit’ questions.”


-Alexandria Collis 

US Customer Experience Manager, Princess Polly

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