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Engage On Their Terms, Not Yours

The NOW Customer expects to communicate with a brand on their time and their terms. Meeting their demands any time of day, any time of year, across all channels, no matter how busy you are will transform customer service from a cost center into a revenue driver.

More channels

Deflecting customers is neglecting customers. And pushing a customer from one channel to another is deflecting. But those days are over. Because Simplr is able to provide coverage over every digital channel (chat, email, messaging, and social) with industry leading response times from real people who are ready to solve your customers’ problems whenever.

  • 37% of buyers expect to communicate with brands through any digital channel

More coverage

Delivering for the NOW Customer doesn’t mean operating between 9am and 5pm EST. Now means now, whenever that is. With the traditional model that’s expensive due to fixed staffing. But with Simplr, you get fast, efficient, exceptional service around the clock.

  • 41% of shoppers expect brands to deliver 24/7/365 service

More revenue

Every engagement with a customer is a revenue opportunity. Neglecting and deflecting just leaves money on the table. With Simplr’s approach you’ll expand your customer service capabilities to convert new customers, and drive loyalty with existing ones, by providing exceptional customer service – helping your business grow.

  • 41% of shoppers have stopped shopping with a brand when the inability to engage led to a poor experience

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