The era of
NOW CX is here.

The NOW Customer won’t settle for later.

There’s a new customer, the NOW Customer, with rising expectations about customer service that the traditional contact center model just can’t meet. To drive revenue and create loyal fans you need to adopt a new model, the NOW CX model. Simplr can help.

Turn buyers into customers, and customers into five-star fans.

NOW Customers live online, shop at all hours, and expect exceptional experiences from every brand. For CX leaders, that means delivering empathetic engagement and rapid resolutions, 24/7, across every channel. So it’s time to ditch the call center model which forces you to compromise and neglect your customers’ needs.

The NOW CX Model:

Traditional Contact Center
  • Constant Resource Planning & Preparation
  • Costly Compromises
  • Deflecting
  • Neglected Customers
  • Cost Center

NOW CX creates immediate results

42% higher repeat purchase rate with Simplr

2X lift in conversion rate with Simplr

114% increase in conversion rate with Simplr

The how of NOW CX

Engaging Simplr means embracing a whole new approach to customer support. One purpose-built to scale your capabilities to meet the needs of the NOW Customer.
Unlike traditional outsourcers, we combine people, technology, and insights to transform CX from a cost center into a revenue-driving business advantage.

The Human Cloud Network

Scalable Always-On Workforce

With Simplr, you’ll always have the perfect capacity for the number of inquiries you’re receiving. Our entire network of uniquely talented specialists (based in the United States) is at your disposal so you’re never overstaffed during slack times nor understaffed during surges. Now, every customer always gets a fast, top-notch response.

AI-Powered Platform

Machine Enabled Quality and Efficiency

We don’t rely on traditional coaching and training. Our specialists are smarter, faster, and more consistent because we train our platform with the brand-specific decision logic, guidance, and information needed to provide your customers with exceptional service from the get-go.

Actionable Insights

Business Intelligence to Optimize Customer Care

We not only use AI to ensure and scale the service quality of our entire network, but also to provide you with the insights you need to proactively identify and fill any experience or product gaps that are causing friction for your customers.

Combining people, tech, and insights to provide NOW CX

3 Hard Truths About Neglected Customers

[Updated 11/15/2021] One-third of customers have experienced neglect at the hands of online retailers. Take a closer look at the many forms of neglect in the NOW era… and how customer neglect is impacting your business. Nobody in business sets out to neglect customers. No CX leader starts their day thinking: “Who can I neglect today?”  However,

Meet the NOW Customer

The stakes have been raised. Is your company ready to serve the needs of today’s consumers? It should come as no surprise that the customer has changed. We’ve all changed. Today’s customer expects instant access, immediate gratification, rapid resolutions, and engaged interactions from their brands, courtesy of the real-time economy and the higher-than-high standards set