SaaS & Technology

Best-in-class customer service for tech and SaaS

Amazing customer service is a key differentiator for technology companies. Simplr helps SaaS and technology brands outpace their competitors with rapid-fire, empathetic customer support.

Troubleshooting is no trouble

No piece of software is perfect, and no matter how hard there will always be usability problems. So when your users find a bug or hit a snag be there to offer help with fast, top-notch responses to their problem. Anxiety makes people switch apps, so give your users peace of mind with 24/7 service on all digital channels.

Less friction, more subscription

It’s a pretty simple concept but if you provide a seamless buying experience, you can’t expect more users to buy. And you can expect more users to stick with you if you’re available to answer questions around payments and subscriptions after the sale. Clear, quick responses are key to an exceptional experience regardless of how good your app is.

“The team at Simplr doesn’t just ‘set it and forget it.’ Instead, they continuously improve the automations by actively monitoring CSAT and make adjustments based on the feedback. In case we need to change a process or update the automations, the Simplr’s ops team has our back 24/7.”

– Shawn Kelly Director of Major Appliance Repair Operations, Asurion

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