Control when you want it

Simplr fully managed service brings your organization the expertise required to implement and maintain a high-quality automation-first approach to your CX.

Meet your dedicated team

With our managed service, the following team members are readily available to help manage, optimize, and execute on reaching our CX goals:

  • Partner Success Manager – Serves as your day-to-day point person at Simplr, managing work with internal teams and ensuring we’re delivering on our KPIs (e.g. resolution rate, CSAT, resolution rate, accuracy)
  • Operations Manager – Responsible for managing any flows needed, reviewing quality, and improving processes
  • Conversational Designer – Ensures that your bot will converse in a natural, empathetic way that matches your brand’s tone and style
  • Data Scientists – Continuously explore new LLMs and optimize which LLMs we’re leveraging to deliver the best customer service to your customers, and identify opportunities for expanding automation coverage

Customized for your brand

Unlike chatbot companies that provide a self-serve setup, you won’t be limited to picking from a set of personas. Our service is designed for your brand and business – from how the chat widget looks and its brand voice and tone as well to how we ensure automated responses match what you consider your best agent experience. We work with our to gain a deep understanding of their business and their customers.

Access up-to-date technology and AI

Our AI/ML is CX-centric and our data set is focused on customer service. By partnering with Simplr, companies can feel confident that they have a team of data scientists who will make sure that all LLMs, including best-of-breed models, are fine-tuned to continuously deliver the best agent and customer experience. Additionally, Simplr is committed to increasing overall efficiency, providing a higher quality digital customer experience that drives costs down over time.

Knowledge curated and managed for you

Gone are the days of having to keep a FAQ spreadsheet up to date or create a new macro for every single FAQ. We’ll take your structured (any of those existing FAQs) and unstructured data (pdfs, website product pages, catalogs, blogs, etc.) and create a curated knowledge source for your bot to use as its vetted knowledge source. The bot will only generate responses based on this vetted knowledge. No hallucinations.

Control when you want it

We know that sometimes your team will want to make quick changes on their own. With our Flow Builder tool, you will be able to make changes to flows on your own, if desired. And if you prefer to have our team make all the changes, that’s fine too – just let your Partner Success Manager know and we’ll make the changes for you.

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