Talented problem-solvers, ready to help your customers.

Our Human Cloud Network is a dispersed, fully remote and flexible live chat outsourced workforce. They’re ready to tackle your service issues and offer top-notch resolutions at any time across all digital channels.

Always-on, always the right capacity

Forecasting your needs is a thing of the past. The Human Cloud Network scales automatically up or down to meet chat support service demands in real-time. Engaging customers rapidly leads to more revenue opportunities without risk of shutdowns or downtime.

A talent pool pulled from the best

Fewer than 1% of applicants make it through our rigorous process which emphasizes problem-solving abilities and empathetic nature. The talents best suited to resolving customer issues. In fact, 20% of our outsourced support agents have advanced degrees. No contact center can claim that.

Treated with respect

Once they do make the cut, they’re given the tools and training they need to succeed. Because we believe that great customer experience can only go so far with a customer support chatbot solution and should start with a great Specialist experience. And according to Glassdoor, our Specialists say they’re pretty happy with the experience (14th best place to work in the country)

Incentivized to Deliver Results You Care About

At Simplr, our Specialists and you share the same objective: delivering fast, exceptional customer experiences. Therefore, every customer service chat interaction of each Specialist is monitored and analyzed with your customer’s satisfaction as the most important KPI. Our AI powered platform rewards our best specialists to align incentives, and we charge per resolution so there’s no wasted overhead. Only results.

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