Turn browsers into buyers

The secret to converting more customers is making it easy to buy. The secret to making it easy to buy is reducing friction by responding to questions quickly and accurately. And the secret to responding quickly and accurately is NOW CX. Well, it used to be a secret.

ANINE BING was able to engage more customers by expanding hours and dramatically shortening response times

Simplr helped ANINE BING make 24/7 coverage a reality. ANINE BING can now better serve and convert customers – both US and international – during peak shopping hours.

Decreased live chat first response time by 95%

“When customers come to our website and they’re about to drop a few hundred dollars, sometimes even a few thousand dollars, they’re looking for the customer experience to match the quality of the products they’re about to purchase. We really feel like Simplr is matching those high expectations.”

  • Alex Vidaeff
  • Customer Experience Manager, ANINE BING

Lack of speed kills

Customers always say they value their time more than your merchandise which means if there is any delay in answering questions – click, they’re gone. So to ensure proper pre-sales coverage, we use a distributed network of specialists who are available 24/7/365. Across all digital channels. To deliver lightning fast responses.

  • Only 40% of customers will wait 60 seconds for a chat response.

Accuracy equates to high-quality

After speed of engagement, accurate answers are the next most important to creating an exceptional customer experience. Simplr combines uniquely talented specialists with an AI-enabled platform to accurately answer any question about any product or policy at all times.

  • Customers improve their conversion rate on average by 100% with Simplr

Live chat outperforms bots

Bots are terrific. For certain things. But being personal and empathetic to customers is not one of them. Especially when they are trying to make a purchase, a cold, robotic response is the last thing they need. On the other hand, a warm, personal interaction will create a customer for life.

  • 38% of customers are more likely to buy from companies that offer live chat.

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