Turn browsers into buyers

The secret to converting more customers is making it easy to buy. The secret to making it easy to buy is reducing friction by responding to questions quickly and accurately. And the secret to responding quickly and accurately is NOW CX. Well, it used to be a secret.

“Bye” or buy? The difference is speed

Only 40% of customers will wait 60 seconds for a chat response. Time is clearly of the essence when answering customer questions, or else- click, they’re gone. That’s why our distributed always-on network of specialists, powered by our AI platform, is available at all hours, across all digital channels to deliver lightning fast responses and make sure you’re capturing every opportunity to convert new customers.

  • 90% of chat responded to in < 30 secs
  • 90% of email responded to in < 3 hours

Make buying easy, with our “virtual shopping assistants”

  • Simplr’s platform enables more than just consistently top-notch responses from our specialists, it also gives them the ability to act as personal shopping assistants on your site. Enabling them to provide guidance, suggestions, and recommendations to customers on what to buy and why. The best part, you control when and where specialists get to make these suggestions to provide the best possible buying experience.  

Live chat outperforms bots

Bots are terrific. For certain things. But being personal and empathetic to customers is not one of them. Especially when they are trying to make a purchase, a cold, robotic response is the last thing they need. On the other hand, a warm, personal interaction will create a customer for life.

  • 38% of customers are more likely to buy from companies that offer live chat.