The Best of Both Worlds

Unlike a traditional outsourcer, Simplr’s EngageNow Suite allows companies to get the most out of automation and human labor by having them work together.

Finally, a bot you don’t have to babysit.

The EngageNow Suite is fully-managed by Simplr. You’ll get a dedicated team of data scientists and a conversational designer to set up, manage, train, improve, and update your chatbot. (Phew.)

Solo Stove Finds Peace of Mind

“With our first chatbot, we needed a dedicated full-time employee to manage the bot. Not only was this time consuming but there was also a learning curve. One of the big appeals for us with Simplr is that Simplr’s chatbot is part of a managed service. Simplr’s EngageNow Suite gives us peace of mind and frees up the person who used to manage the bot to focus on more strategic CX initiatives.

— John Thailkill, SVP of Customer Experience, Solo Stove

Like a fine wine…

The EngageNow Suite gets better with time. When our Chatbot and Human Cloud Network work together, our partners see improvement in quality, increase in take rate, and more on-site conversions. Sit back and enjoy!

Human backup, always.

80% of consumers are more more willing to use a chatbot if they know they can easily (and quickly!) transfer to a live person. The EngageNow Suite features value-based routing to Simplr’s Human Cloud Network, a community of high-quality agents who can handle complex questions. 


We plug into your existing technology stack.

Simplr’s EngageNow Suite integrates with your existing ecommerce platform, ticketing system, CRM, or custom-build system. By plugging in seamlessly with existing technology, the EngageNow Suite can deliver better customer experiences across all digital channels.