Looking for

Simplr, an Asurion company, is looking for doers, thinkers, and team players to join its growing team.

Join us!

Life at Simplr

We’re upending an industry with an empowering message… and it feels awesome! We are a diverse group working remotely throughout the country. We value engagement, communication, and empathy for others. Our benefits are first class, and our respect for each other is unparalleled.

Born from experience

Asurion, the largest technology protection and support provider in the world, serves over 305 million customers worldwide. Simplr was created to solve for the costly compromises that are often found in the legacy call center model. We’re out to disrupt an industry while still honoring our 25 year legacy of excellence in customer service.

A new model for a new era

At Simplr, we’re doing it differently. Not only by combining humans, technology, and insights to provide exceptional service 24/7… but by recreating the business model of CX to provide instant scale, fair pricing, and a constantly improving service using real-time data.