Restaurants & Food Service

The kind of support customers crave

For an industry that operates on razor-thin margins, the margin for error is practically non-existent. There’s simply too much competition to provide poor service.
So don’t.

We put your customers first

“We went from 64 hour response times to below 0.1 hours, which is something that would have been so expensive to do that through our internal team. In periods of higher volume, we would need to triple the size of our team or more to get to those service levels.”

– Head of Digital at a global restaurant conglomerate

On-premises problems

The problem with on-premises problems is you don’t always find out about them until the guest has left the building, and a poor review online. With Simplr, you can respond quickly to complaints and reviews across all digital channels. Turning a negative into a positive and winning back a customer.

Online issues

By 2025, 40% of your business will come through online ordering and delivery. This makes providing a seamless experience paramount. But still mistakes happen. Orders are entered incorrectly and items go missing. Dealing with issues immediately creates a customer. Delaying your response creates a potential monster.

The cherry on-top

Restaurants live and die by their overall guest experience. And guests can be surly when they’re hangry. Give them a sweet reminder with fast, empathetic service delivered across all digital channels no matter the issue. All delivered with your policies and procedures intact.