Restaurants & Food Service

They’ll all come back NOW,  ya’ here?

For an industry that operates on razor-thin margins, the margin for error is practically non-existent. There’s simply too much competition to provide poor service. So don’t.

NOW CX keeps them coming back for more

More Revenue

More Engagement

Better CSAT

Less Resource Planning

No Inefficiencies

On-premises problems

The problem with on-premises problems is you don’t always find out about them until the guest has left the building, and a poor review online. With Simplr, you can respond quickly to complaints and reviews across all digital channels. Turning a negative into a positive and winning back a customer.

Online Issues

By 2025, 40% of your business will come through online ordering and delivery. This makes providing a seamless experience paramount. But still mistakes happen. Orders are entered incorrectly and items go missing. Dealing with issues immediately creates a customer. Delaying your response creates a potential monster.

The cherry on-top

Restaurants live and die by their overall guest experience. And guests can be surly when they’re hangry. Give them a sweet reminder with fast, empathetic service delivered across all digital channels no matter the issue. All delivered with your policies and procedures intact.

42% higher repeat purchase rate for customers who engage with Simplr

2X lift in conversion rate with Simplr

114% increase in conversion rate with Simplr