Simplr chatbot

A bot that replicates your best agents

Simplr uses the best of generative AI to deliver a fully-managed, highly-secure conversational bot, without the risks. Our bot is making CX organizations more efficient while delivering exceptional customer experiences.

90% of all customer service interactions will be automated by 2033.

How Generative AI Bots Are Changing the Conversation


True conversational commerce is now a reality.
Previously, intent-based model chatbots were able to answer very basic, transactional inquiries.
Today, generative AI chatbots can handle complex, multi-touch conversations where a lot of knowledge is required. It can even handle multiple customers’ questions at the same time. With these features, true conversational commerce and technical support are possible without the high-costs of staffing, training, and retaining agents.
Here’s a detailed look at how the scope of chatbot capabilities has changed in customer service:

A GenAI chatbot you can trust

“What I really appreciate about Simplr is the scalability of its support services. There’s comfort in knowing there’s an intelligent chatbot on our website backed by a wealth of support agents through Simplr.”

– Kelley Cuthford, Vice President of Customer Service, Chegg

Cognitive Paths™ provide safeguards for ChatGPT

ChatGPT has shown us that chatbots can be truly conversational. Cognitive Paths allow the conversation to stay grounded and allow you to safely introduce a generative AI chatbot.

Learn more about the first safeguards for LLM conversations in customer service

Managed by a

full-service team

The Simplr Chatbot is fully-managed by Simplr. You’ll get a dedicated team of data scientists to set up, manage, train, improve, and update your generative AI chatbot (Phew.)

Automate more over time

We believe 90% of customer interactions will be automated in the near future. Our team of CX experts will help you get there.

A chatbot unlike any other

Have you ever noticed how popular chatbot companies claim to be “out of the box” but end up needing a full time employee in charge of training it? Ours doesn’t, as it’s fully-managed for you.

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