Deliver Satisfaction with Customer Service Automation

Because bots are better with humans
(and humans are better with bots!)

A Hybrid Chatbot Solution Unlike Any Other. 

Chatbot vendors consistently over-promise and under-deliver. Not us. We believe that bots work best when their abilities are known, not overblown. Our hybrid solution allows both humans and bots do what they do best –all while generating smiles (and revenue) along the way. 

Not just a chatbot platform, it’s one place for everything

Customer service data is notoriously unstructured. Our platform is the engine that drives the chatbot and the human labor, using AI and machine learning to route to the best resource.  It’s also serving up in-context guidance, personal prompts, and product recommendations to our humans to increase conversions.

Automated customer service backed by the Human Cloud Network

The people in our Human Cloud Network (with help from conversational AI guidance) deliver accurate, high-quality responses to more complex questions that require a human touch. Most chatbot vendors don’t have this critical (and profitable) safety net.


Conversational AI strategy for commerce… at scale

Using our award-winning Personal Connections Prompts technology, our bots are able to develop rapport and comfort with customers in a way that delights, not deflates. This chatbot AI feature enables us to deliver a level of service quality that can’t be matched by a traditional contact center. 

A customer support chatbot connected to the best technology

Simplr’s chatbot integrates with your existing ecommerce platform, ticketing system, or CRM. By plugging in seamlessly with technology like Zendesk, Kustomer, Gorgias, or Salesforce, Simplr’s bot can deliver better chatbot experiences across all digital channels.


Personalize the customer experience with Simplr

When you partner with us, we connect to all your relevant systems, and curate your knowledge, policies, brand and tone guidelines. Our platform is then able to prompt specialists with responses so they can field every in-scope question with quality and accuracy. The more data our platform captures, the more it improves both the Simplr Chabot,  The Human Cloud, and your customers’ experiences.

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