A Bot That Replicates Your Best Agents

Simplr uses the best of generative AI to deliver a fully-managed, highly-secure conversational bot, without the risks. Our bot is making CX organizations more efficient while delivering exceptional customer experiences.

How Generative AI Bots Are Changing the Conversation

True conversational commerce is now a reality.

Previously, intent-based model chatbots were able to answer very basic, transactional inquiries.

Today, generative AI chatbots can handle complex, multi-touch conversations where a lot of knowledge is required. It can even handle multiple customers’ questions at the same time. With these features, true conversational commerce and technical support are possible without the high-costs of staffing, training, and retaining agents.

Here’s a detailed look at how the scope of chatbot capabilities has changed in customer service:


of all customer service interactions will be automated by 2033.

“The Simplr chatbot was quick to production, and remains consistent in resolving ~25% of digital contacts [SMS, Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook messages, Chatbot] without support from a live agent.”

Sienna Hitzeman, Senior Product Manager, Chegg

Cognitive Paths Provide Safeguards for ChatGPT

ChatGPT has shown us that chatbots can be truly conversational. Cognitive Paths allow the conversation to stay grounded and allow you to safely introduce a generative AI chatbot.

Learn more about the first safeguards for LLM conversations in customer service

Managed by a full-service team

The Simplr Chatbot is fully-managed by Simplr. You’ll get a dedicated team of data scientists to set up, manage, train, improve, and update your generative AI chatbot (Phew.)

Automate more over time

We believe 90% of customer interactions will be automated in the near future. Our team of CX experts will help you get there.

A Chatbot Unlike Any Other. 

Have you ever noticed how popular chatbot companies claim to be “out of the box” but end up needing a full time employee in charge of training it? Ours doesn’t, as it’s fully-managed for you.