Fully-Managed Customer Service Chatbot

Simplr’s chatbot makes CX organizations more efficient, without jeopardizing customer satisfaction.

“The Simplr chatbot was quick to production, and remains consistent in resolving ~25% of digital contacts [SMS, Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook messages, Chatbot] without support from a live agent.”

Sienna Hitzeman, Senior Product Manager, Chegg

We measure what matters.

The Simplr Chatbot is designed to resolve customer tickets and engage customers… not “deflect” or “contain” them. We believe that the goal of automation is to increase engagement with customers. Our data scientists focus on customer effort score, resolution rate, and customer satisfaction to measure the impact of your chatbot.

Managed by a full-service team

The Simplr Chatbot is fully-managed by Simplr. You’ll get a dedicated team of data scientists and a conversational designer to set up, manage, train, improve, and update your chatbot. (Phew.)

Automate more over time

Our chatbot is designed to learn and get smarter. This allows the bot to take on more and reduce your overall costs.  With Simplr’s EngageNow Suite, partners have seen a 42% CX cost reduction.

A Chatbot Unlike Any Other. 

Have you ever noticed how popular chatbot companies claim to be “out of the box” but end up needing a full time employee in charge of training it? Ours doesn’t, as it’s fully-managed for you.