Introducing Cognitive Paths

The full promise of customer service AI is now fulfilled! Cognitive Paths provide safeguards for ChatGPT so that businesses can harness the power of AI without any of the risks.

Rest easy knowing that your brand, CX, and reputation will only improve through quicker, more impactful customer resolutions.

The Chatbot Conversation Has Changed

For years, intent-based chatbot models have provided basic transactional customer service. The onset of generative AI has made true conversational commerce a reality.

Cognitive Paths safeguard against rogue chatbot experiences that could threaten brand reputation. Deliver a chatbot experience that replicates best-agent capability.

Our Vision:
Bots That Replicate Best-Agent Experiences

At Simplr, our vision is to improve the predictability of LLM bot behavior to deliver a human-like experience for users.

We achieve this through a three pronged approach:

  1. Use only vetted knowledge bases
  2. Implement guardrails to prevent hallucinations and misinformation
  3. Customize bot behavior to mimic that of your highest performing agents