• long term contracts.
  • agent attrition.
  • extensive training.
  • training costs.
  • surge pricing.
  • attendance issues.

Get peace of mind with Simplr

Budgeting for the right amount of customer support just got a lot harder. That’s why we built Simplr’s flexible, variable cost outsourcing solution for customer service– so that you only pay for the customer service you need. See immediate ROI 40-60% savings versus fixed cost models.

  • No FTE overhead.
  • No long-term cost commitments.
  • No downtime expense.
“The cost for us to get started with Simplr was nothing, and that was a very big shock. It’s like we save money… we always know where we stand every month. That’s a great product to us.”
Peggy Baker

CX Lead at ‘47

Simplr’s pricing structure is simple and gimmick-free.

Eliminate the onboarding, training and attrition costs of traditional BPO.

  • 24/7/365 coverage
  • Email, chat, and social direct messages
  • Flexibility to scale up and down instantly
  • No recruiting costs
  • No classroom training costs
  • No equipment or license costs
  • No implementation fees
  • No overtime
Let’s Get Started

With Simplr customer service, you’ll always have on-demand staffing to answer your customers’ questions. We’re here for you.