Cut costs,
not quality.

We believe that traditional contact centers are–at their core–woefully inefficient. That’s why we created a human + bot model that lowers costs and improves CX quality. 

As automation dials up, costs come down

Simplr is able to automate and resolve up to 80% of customer support tickets. Our solution gets smarter over time, which means a higher take rate and lower costs for you.

With our combination of automation and human labor, our partners see an average savings of 42% when compared to what they spend with their current chatbot providers/BPOs


Savings on overall CX costs

Save Money, Make Money

“I noticed customers were converting a couple days after they had interacted with one of our agents. We measured this phenomenon and saw that Simplr agents were converting an average of 8%. We were getting about $5 back for every dollar spent on Simplr!

  • Holly Gordon, E-Commerce Manager, Decathalon

Say YES to NO

Simplr’s pay-per-resolution pricing structure is simple and gimmick-free.

  • No hefty minimums
  • No surge pricing
  • No hourly rates
  • No resource planning
  • No coverage penalties

The Simplr advantage

Flexibility, variability and scalability were all baked into our model to fix the problems endemic to the traditional contact center model. Therefore there’s no training, hiring, FTE expenses. Just aligned incentives and the ability to provide fast responses and exceptional service to your customers across all digital channels.