Generate revenue through customer support

“Customers were converting an average of 8% after interacting with a Simplr agent–much higher than prior to Simplr. We were getting $5 for every dollar spent on Simplr!”

– Holly Gordon, E-Commerce Manager, Decathlon

Excellent customer support, tailored to your needs

We work with each customer to provide the right combination of Generative AI bot and human labor to accomplish two goals: provide great customer service at the right price.

Our pricing model is based on customer resolutions to align our incentives. If your customer’s issue isn’t resolved, you don’t pay.

The Simplr


Flexibility, variability and scalability were all baked into our model to fix the problems endemic to the traditional contact center model. Therefore there’s no training, hiring, FTE expenses. Just aligned incentives and the ability to provide fast responses and exceptional service to your customers across all digital channels.

Lower your CX costs (without sacrificing quality)