We keep you safe, secure and running 24/7

To paraphrase a famous commercial, here at Simplr, “Security is Job 1.” Keeping your customer’s information private and our service available no matter what to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Privacy is our primary concern

To protect and honor your privacy rights, we have established a comprehensive privacy compliance program and modeled our practices according to the strictest regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation and the California Consumer Privacy Act. If you’d like more information, click below to get in touch.

Compliance above and beyond requirements

Both Simplr, and our parent company, Asurion, provide industry-leading security practices and qualify for the highest levels of certification and partner with international organizations to improve privacy standards globally.

For any inquiries related to security, please contact

Continuous monitoring creates business continuity

We protect our network to protect your business. Through cloud security services, DDoS mitigation, regular audits, and network intelligence technology that monitors and blocks malicious traffic or network attacks, we keep our walls up so you can keep your business running.

Going the extra mile isn’t far enough

We take a security-by-design approach to protecting your data and have built our platform using best practices to provide highly available, scalable, and secure service. Our strictly defined change management policies, quality assurance practices, and data loss prevention procedures ensure we meet your security standards.

  1. Information Security
    256-bit AES encryption secures our platform, and multi-factor authentication provides safe logins for admins and users
  2. Application Security
    All customer data is kept behind a firewall, accessed only through secure API endpoints, and consistently monitored for intrusion
  3. Data Protection
    Our platform is hosted on AWS and utilizes their native protection , and we require complex passwords be used to access the platform
  4. Incident Response
    Simplr’s ​system-status web page details system availability, scheduled maintenance, incident history, and security events in real-time
  5. Continuity Measures
    The Simplr Command Center monitors trends and service volumes across all Simplr partners to ensure timely responses are available to your customers 24/7/365

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