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Turn ecommerce shoppers into buyers and buyers into fans

Adopting a NOW CX approach with an AI ecommerce chatbot means supporting buyers throughout their ecommerce journey. Wherever, whenever. Answering questions pre-sale, and providing quick support post-sale.
That’s how you maximize revenue.

The Benefits of Simplr
for Ecommerce Websites

More Revenue

More Engagement

Better CSAT

Less Resource Planning

No Inefficiencies

Mack Weldon Uses Simplr to Boost Conversion Rates by 40%

The speed of launch with Simplr was amazing. We really needed Simplr’s help like three months before we found them, so we needed it as fast as possible. Traditional third-party contact centers I’ve worked with have needed weeks and sometimes months to hire, train, and get all those folks up to speed. So for Simplr to get up and running in barely a week and start taking tickets was incredible to see.”

  • Pat Feehan, Customer Service Manager at Mack Weldon

Pre-Sale Service

Answering questions with AI in ecommerce quickly and efficiently when someone is making a purchasing decision is the difference between ringing the register and wringing your hands. Simplr’s trained ecommerce chatbot platform syncs with your helpdesk to get your buyer’s the accurate answers they need to buy, quickly.

Post-Sale Support

The sale is just the beginning of your relationship with the buyer. Providing fast, empathetic support not just through a retail chatbot but through all channels when dealing with lost orders, late deliveries, and billing questions is what cements it. Simplr ecommerce chat solutions integrate with your ecommerce system to make it happen.

Retention Efforts

Returns, refunds, and cancellations can be a huge point of friction for customers. Not with Simplr. Connecting our chatbot solutions with your ecommerce and ticketing system helps us process returns, refunds, and cancellations and exchanges quickly and all in compliance with your own policies.

Provide Support Anytime

Explain how chatbots in the retail industry have to be on all the time because people are shopping all the time.

Simplr Retail Partners are Winning More Customers

42% higher repeat purchase rate for customers who engage with Simplr

2X lift in conversion rate with Simplr

114% increase in conversion rate with Simplr