Tech enabled equals tech empowered

Scaling industry-best quality across a distributed workforce is made possible by technological assistance. We train our AI platform to do the heavy lifting with decision logic, guidance, and information specific to your brand and products. The result: smarter, faster, more consistent support from all our specialists.

ANINE BING was able to engage more customers by expanding hours and dramatically shortening response times

Simplr helped ANINE BING make 24/7 coverage a reality. ANINE BING can now better serve and convert customers – both US and international – during peak shopping hours.

Decreased live chat first response time by 95%

“When customers come to our website and they’re about to drop a few hundred dollars, sometimes even a few thousand dollars, they’re looking for the customer experience to match the quality of the products they’re about to purchase. We really feel like Simplr is matching those high expectations.”
  • Alex Vidaeff
  • Customer Experience Manager, ANINE BING

Instantly Scalable Service Levels

All Simplr specialists can handle your brand’s conversations with ease since they work from the same unified interface that’s been programmed with your entire knowledgebase, policy and brand guidelines, and a guided decision logic. This lets us instantly provide scalable service capacity on-demand without sacrificing quality.

Consistent quality and accuracy via contextual guidance

Say goodbye to the arduous upfront training, and continuous coaching, typical of traditional approaches. At Simplr, we train our AI Platform with your product and brand specific information and decision logic so every one of our specialists can give the right response and right action, for every conversation routed their way.  And when you have feedback or updates, we update our platform once, and every specialist in our network gets leveled up automatically.

Replicate your best agent a thousand times over

When any of our specialists logs into the system, they are automatically endowed with superpowers – instantly able to take actions and respond with same quality, speed, and performance of your best agents. Thanks to the prescriptive guidance and intelligence our platform provides.

  • Tech-Enabled Skills Include: Brand Compliance Prompts, “Right Response” Decision Making, Recommend Product (Cross-Sell, Upsell) , Quick Replies, Cancel Order, Refund Order, Check Order Status, Edit Customer Info, Insert Personalization, Suggest Empathy

Continuous improvement baked in

Simplr’s platform constantly monitors and analyzes specialist performance across our network allowing us to continuously ensure the work of the best performing specialists is replicated across the entire network. Your service just gets better and better in real-time.