Technology Partners

Seamless integration makes for seamless service

Simplr plugs right in to your customer service tech stack. We integrate with your helpdesk and CRM so that our Specialists can securely access important information and deliver an amazing customer experience.

The customer facing piece of the puzzle

Simply put: we make current customer experiences better now, while using technology to ensure continues improvement over time.

Any inquiries that come in via digital channels are seamlessly passed to the Simplr platform which then routes them to available Specialists. The AI ensures high-quality, brand specific information is used in the exchange, then logs are passed back to the helpdesk.


Benefits of chat integration

Increase efficiency and productivity

The right technology integrations can help teams operate more efficiently and empower them to focus on high-touch aspects of the business.

Provide better customer experiences

Today’s customers expect on-demand experiences that require little-to-no effort. Integrations can help make CX faster and inform improvements for the future.

Convert with data

The data collected among integrated technology provides the “full picture” of the customer experience and is the key to closing deals faster, upselling, and generating customer loyalty.

Chatbot Integration

Chatbot automation is the fastest growing customer service channel, giving customers instant answers to straightforward inquiries. Simplr’s AI Chatbot integrates with existing or custom ticketing systems to provide friction-free resolutions and instant escalations to our Human Cloud Network for more complex inquiries.

Email Integration

Email remains one of the most popular customer service channels. Email backlogs, however, are one of the most common forms of customer neglect. Through integrations with helpdesk technology, Simplr’s Human Cloud Network can speed up email response times and improve customer satisfaction.

A solution for popular helpdesks

By integrating with your helpdesk platform, Simplr is able to sync all of your macros and other relevant information so that our Specialists can provide fast, accurate answers to all customer questions. And all engagements are reported back to you.

All in with Ecommerce and Order Management

By integrating with your ecommerce and order management platforms, Simplr specialists service capabilities are enhanced with all relevant information for cancellations, refunds, returns, order information, subscription information and more in real-time.

“Simplr and Zendesk is a great partnership that combines Zendesk’s powerful technology with Simplr and their scalable, always-on, omni-channel, outsourced customer service offerings.”
  • Nathan Smith
  • Director, Partner Sales at Zendesk