Customer service chatbots work smarter, not harder.

Discover the benefits of AI chabots for your business’s website.

What are AI chatbots?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbots are a common type of customer support services automation that help make website chats more efficient. Conversational AI for Customer Service, such as online chatbots (bots), imitate human agents and help customers with simple inquiries.

How do AI chatbots work?

AI chatbots use data, machine learning, and natural language processing (NLP) to enable human-to-computer communication. Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the technology that uses data, machine learning, and NLP to enable human-to-computer communication.


What are the types of AI chatbots?

Examples of AI chatbots include: AI chatterbots, GPT-3 chatbots, rule-based chatbots, natural language processing bots, machine learning chatbots, and more.


Benefits of AI Chatbots

AI and chatbots are transforming the customer experience. Consumer chatbot usage has doubled since 2020 – here’s how AI chatbots are benefitting businesses:


Enhanced sales process

AI chatbots are a great tool for sales. In many instances, chatbots decrease friction on the customer journey, making it easier to complete the sale.

Increased revenue

Adding an AI chatbot to your digital channels reduces customer effort for post-sale inquiries and allows your best in-house agents to give exceptional care to pre-sale customers.

Higher customer engagement

The more customer service channels a business offers, the more likely it is that a web visitor will engage with a brand. 

Features of AI Chatbots

AI chatbots can help improve the customer experience. With every interactive live chat, AI chatbots learn more about a customer’s needs and their chatbot intent. It’s the ongoing machine learning, natural language processing, and AI algorithm that make chatbots a solid long-term investment for your business.

A unique feature of Simplr’s chatbot is it’s integration with our Human Cloud Network, which enables customers to have quick access to human agents. 

Choosing a Chatbot Vendor

Chatbot vendors are consistently overpromising and under-delivering to their customers. Understand the categories of chatbots, the human-bot connection and how to select the right ecommerce chatbot partner.

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