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Frequently Asked Questions: Customer Service Outsourcing with Simplr

Delivering rapid-fire, high-quality customer experiences for premium brands.

  • What does Simplr bring to the table that other contact centers cannot fulfill?

    While today’s high-growth brands have been reinventing themselves over and over again, contact centers have remained stagnant, with little-to-no innovation in the past fifteen years. This is a problematic pattern as brands strive to outpace competitors with outstanding customer experiences.

    Simplr was founded by a group of enterprise execs-turned-entrepreneurs who were determined to create the next best thing in outsourced customer service. The result is a fully-transparent, ultra-flexible business model designed to accommodate the ever-changing expectations of today’s online consumer.

    We provide transparent pricing with no hidden fees, upcharges, or startup costs that are typically charged by traditional call center outsourcers. Best of all, we are a customer service outsourcing company that will be up and running for you in hours instead of the weeks or months that it takes a traditional outsourcer (call centers, contact centers, front-office BPOs, etc.) to start serving customers.

    Simplr eliminates wasted overhead and passes the savings directly onto our partners. We leverage machine learning capabilities to ensure customers receive efficient, high-quality responses from our team of Simplr Specialists specialists.

    If you’d like learn more, reach out today!

  • So, are you guys exclusively AI? Humans?

    We’re both! Simplr provides the best of both worlds for your customers: Cutting-edge machine learning to execute speed and precision, and a network of humans to add the necessary touches of empathy, delight, and that pre-sale razzle dazzle. (Fun fact: our humans convert 20% of live chats into sales.)

  • How do you educate and train customer service support team members to best fit the needs of each individual company?

    We specialize in customer service outsourcing for premium brands. By working with innovative, fast growing brands we have discovered a major need for reliable, quality customer support and work with them to deliver great service for their consumers.

    We recognize that every business is unique.

    Using a mix of expertise and machine learning, Simplr analyzes a company’s knowledge base, FAQs, internal documents, compliance information and historical inquiries to understand the details in each question and answer. Simplr Specialists will refine responses. If we have specific questions about an inquiry, we will escalate the ticket to the partners’s internal team and learn from their own agents’ responses, and we keep an ongoing dialog open about updates to the core knowledge base. If clients only want Simplr to answer certain tickets, the team will work together to identify those areas and find a comfortable spot for all.

  • How the heck do you get ramped up so fast?

    It’s true: Our network of 24/7 US-based (human!) Simplr Specialists can start responding to your emails, chats, and DMs this week, not next month.

    Our approach is radically different from traditional BPOs and contact centers. Instead of a multi-month effort that requires a client to integrate systems, build training materials and hold training sessions, Simplr aims to start helping your customers within hours by using our proprietary onboarding process.

    Through e-commerce specific models and machine learning, Simplr Specialists can quickly find the right answer while mimicking the tone of in-house agents for 60-80% of a company’s inbound customer questions. In addition, our Simplr Specialists are screened specifically for inbound inquiries and systems for high-growth companies with a focus on key verticals like fashion/apparel, food, beauty and personal goods, consumer electronics and/or home goods.

  • How much do you cost?

    Simplr charges a flat rate per customer resolution. We looked at the all the costs associated with outsourcing through a traditional BPO… and cut that number in half. Additionally, Simplr is 40% more affordable than hiring an in-house agent.

    Simplr is able to deliver the highest quality customer service at a hyper-competitive rate.

    We believe that contracts make outsourcers complacent. In the absence of binding agreements, Simplr goes the extra mile to earn (and keep) your business every single day.

    • No hidden fees
    • No long-term contracts
    • No implementation fees
    • No integration costs
    • No training costs
    • No differentials for nights and weekends
    • No cost on follow up customer questions within 48 hours
  • Why don’t you provide phone support?

    Simplr offers support for live chat, email, and social media DMs. Our decision to go “no-phone” was based on a simple fact: More folks than ever are using digital channels to get in touch with their favorite brands. Not only is live chat the preferred channel of Millennials and Gen Z, research shows that three quarters of online customers expect help within five minutes. Email is still the most commonly used digital customer service channel 54% of customers have used email customer service channels in the last year.

    We feel that our cutting-edge technology and workforce muscle are best used to bolster multiple online channels, not answer phones. We do the high-volume heavy lifting to ensure that your online channels are staffed 24/7 and executed flawlessly.

    You may however contact us (Simplr) at (415) 943-0053.

  • How secure is the data that Simplr collects from client customers?

    Security is of the utmost importance to the Simplr team. Customer Personal Identifiable Information (PII) data is kept behind network firewalls access only through secured API endpoints and encrypted in transition with Transport Layer Security (TLS) across all our services. Simplr also enforces the highest level of access control to the data so only Simplr or clients as owners of the data can access it. Access to each data element is governed by this Access Control List and enforced for each read and write operation by our platform. Simplr and Asurion are GDPR compliant.

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