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+ What does Simplr bring to the table that other call center services cannot fulfill?

Business process outsourcers (BPOs), or “the other guys” target mid-to-large size companies, leaving entrepreneurs and small businesses underserved with a lack of high quality, affordable options to outsource their customer service needs. Simplr allows high growth startups and small businesses to leverage enterprise-grade solutions with the flexibility that a small, nimble company needs. Simplr offers no minimum contracts or volumes but can scale 24/7 customer support volumes up or down with the needs of any business. We provide transparent pricing with no hidden fees, upcharges, or startup costs that are typically charged by traditional call center outsourcers.   Best of all, we are a customer service outsourcing company that will be up and running for you in hours instead of the weeks or months that it takes a traditional outsourcer (call centers, front-office BPOs, etc.) to start serving customers. If you'd like learn more, contact us today!
Our mailing and office address: Simplr Solutions, 450 Townsend St #204, San Francisco, CA 94107,, (415) 943-0053.

+ How do you shorten the onboarding time with new clients?

We have a radically different approach to onboarding vs. a traditional outsourcer. Instead of a multi-month effort that requires a client to integrate systems, build training materials and hold training sessions, Simplr aims to start helping your customers within hours by using our proprietary onboarding process. Through e-commerce specific models, and machine learning, Simplr customer support specialists can quickly find the right answer while mimicking the tone of inhouse agents for 60-80% of an e-commerce's inbound customer questions. In addition, our customer service specialists are screened specifically for inbound e-commerce inquiries and systems for high growth companies with a focus on key verticals like fashion/apparel, food, beauty & personal goods, consumer electronics and/or home goods.

+ How do you educate and train customer service support team members to best fit the needs of each individual company? 

We specialize in customer service outsourcing for e-commerce companies and retailers. By working with innovative, fast growing brands we have discovered a major need for reliable, quality customer support and work with them to deliver great service for their Consumers. We recognize that every business is unique. Using a mix of expertise and machine learning, Simplr analyzes their knowledge base, FAQs, internal documents, compliance information and historical inquiries to understand the details in each question and answer.   Simplr customer support specialists will refine responses over the course of the first 30 days with new partners. If we have specific questions about an inquiry, we will escalate the ticket to the partners’s internal team and learn from their own agents’ responses, and we keep an ongoing dialog open about updates to the core knowledge base. If clients only want Simplr to answer certain tickets, the team will work together to identify those areas and find a comfortable spot for all.

+ How do you deliver right-sized customer service solutions to high growth companies profitably?

As a technology company, Simplr eliminates wasted overhead that traditional call center outsourcers have and we pass that savings directly onto our partners. We leverage machine learning capabilities to ensure customers receive efficient, high-quality responses from our team of specialists. Our proprietary onboarding processes provide fast and simple access to the most common e-commerce and customer service platforms to eliminate the startup costs that are typically required for outsourcing customer service. With very little overhead to onboard new partners, we don’t require lengthy contracts to recoup a high upfront investment, like traditional call center outsourcing companies.

+ What are the main problems high growth companies have when trying to tackle customer service?

Seasonal peaks, after-hours and weekend customer inquiries are challenging - and sometimes nearly impossible to manage - with limited resources.  Same goes for an unexpected surge in customer volume (i.e. a viral Instagram post or a celebrity endorsement). Great for business, crushing for a small (or non-existent) customer support team. Competent staff are hard to retain, requiring frequent rehiring and retraining.

It gets harder to maintain a high level of responsiveness and availability as you move from email to live chat. Even though the switch will drive pre-purchase conversions on the web, the level of customer care may be negatively impacted.

The customer service outsourcing industry was just not designed for smaller, fast-moving, nimble businesses. Traditional outsourcers have the Big Guys in mind: complex integrations, high volume, monster contracts, minimum volume commitments.

+ How much do Simplr customers spend on support? What is the per customer price? How does this compare to the bigger call center competition?

Simplr provides a transparent, flat-rate cost of $2.25 for every resolved customer interaction. We’ll answer as many questions or follow up questions a customer may have until they are fully satisfied for 48 hours as part of our promise to provide high-quality, low-cost customer resolutions.

The largest benefit to our partners is the flexibility to outsource as much or as little volume as they’d like, with the ability to turn Simplr on or off anytime. We can help scale up during a marketing campaign and scale down during low seasonality months. Simplr can also supplement your team’s support by offering continuity during nights, weekends and holidays.

Larger call center outsourcing companies typically charge their clients by the ticket or by the minute, so unresolved or inefficient resolutions will cost the business more money while the outsourcers increase their revenue. The average cost per contact for an insourced 50-person call center is $6.55, with the cost decreasing while scale goes up. Simplr partners typically save 50-60% on their customer service costs, while expanding to 24/7 availability.

We provide simple $2.25 per resolution pricing, regardless of the number of contacts in that customer interaction.

+ What role does Asurion play in Simplr’s operations and strategic direction?

Asurion is a very important partner for Simplr. It plays the role of investor as well as a supplier of critical capabilities. Asurion's stability as the largest technology protection and support provider in the world with 305 million customers globally and a strong heritage of industry leading customer service gives Simplr access to a broad range of customer service capabilities.

In addition, Asurion's financial position and blue chip investors like leading sovereign wealth funds around the world and top private equity firms provides Simplr with the backing to invest in the long term and do what's absolutely right for our partners and the customer experience.

+ Is all support based in North America?


+ Who are some of Simplr’s funders? 

Simplr is funded by Asurion and is a startup incubated inside a larger organization. Asurion’s backers include investors include sovereign wealth funds like the Canadian government. Also, top private equity firms like Welsh Carson, Madison Dearborn, Providence equity and Berkshire partners.

+ How does Simplr differentiate from customer service chatbot solutions?

Simplr is uniquely positioned because we offer seamless responses from humans and bots. Our philosophy is people-first for the important human touch, and supported by machine learning to make our experts more efficient with business and product knowledge at their fingertips.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Bots are very promising for the future of customer service, which is great for all of us who hate IVR systems. Today however, a bot-first or bot-only model can only handle 5-10% of live chat volume and requires extensive training. So the savings are small for the time and effort involved. At Simplr, the aim of our managed live chat solution is to be able to take 60-80% of chats AND emails by leveraging bots and humans, which results in more meaningful savings for our clients. And since we have the people you don’t have to train your bot, we do it.

+ What criterion do you use to select customer service specialists?

Quality is the backbone of what sets Simplr apart. Each expert is vetted by our personal selection process, cleared by our comprehensive background check, and certified to serve you. We also leverage the power of machine learning to help match the best experts to your unique customers. This empowers Simplr to provide best-in-class customer service at a truly unbeatable price. Only 1% of applicants become certified Simplr Specialists and our expert base are highly engaged and motivated to help people get the answers they need.

+ Why don’t you provide phone support? 

Our service is designed to provide best-in-class support for non-voice inquiries. We decided not to provide phone support by listening to consumers:

78% of customers would choose a channel other than the phone — live chat being the #1 choice.

We’ve found that email, chat, and SMS as a percentage of inquiries is growing rapidly, and they’re the best bet for dependable 24/7/365 coverage.

Currently, two-thirds of retail and e-commerce businesses still only use voice or email. Scaling in-house operations to meet the demands of customers on multiple channels has been challenging for e-commerce sites.

Businesses that offer a broad range of online communication choices will resolve inquiries more effectively and convert more browsers to purchasers. Simplr can help.

+ How secure is the data that Simplr collects from client customers?

Security is of the utmost importance to the Simplr team. Customer Personal Identifiable Information (PII) data is kept behind network firewalls access only through secured API endpoints and encrypted in transition with Transport Layer Security (TLS) across all our services. Simplr also enforces the highest level of access control to the data so only Simplr or clients as owners of the data can access it. Access to each data element is governed by this Access Control List and enforced for each read and write operation by our platform.

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