Conversational Commerce

Drive more sales on your site through actual conversations.

Converting more visitors into customers means changing your mind about what your CX team can accomplish. As the group with the most engagement with your potential buyers, the CX team should be acting as a fleet of personal shopping assistants making data driven recommendations during all conversations.

People. More personal than a bot.

Our AI-enabled conversational commerce capabilities empower our network of actual human specialists to provide personal consultative conversations with your potential customers offering recommendations that help them buy, add-on and come back by creating an experience they’ll love.

Convert Browsers to Buyers

Drive More Repeat Purchases

Increase Average Order Value

Mack Weldon Uses Simplr’s Conversational Commerce Capabilities to Boost Conversion Rates by 40%

“When buyers on our site have questions about our products, we really want to mirror those engagements that they would get in a store- letting customers have real conversations with us, and making buying easier. Our goal isn’t to act as sales people, but being able to recommend products they might like based on what they’re asking about or what they’ve bought from us before often adds a lot of value to the experience.”
  • Sam Roden Sr. Manager
  • Customer Service at Mack Weldon

The perfect combination of people, technology, and data  to optimize CX

Simplr’s conversational commerce capabilities include the tools you need to create a seamless path to purchase for your potential buyers. Removing friction and adding consultation helps you develop a distinct competitive advantage.

Ensure outstanding service everytime with Intelligent Routing

For every conversation that Simplr handles, our platform uses data to identify the specialists from our Human Cloud Network who historically provided the highest quality service for your brand or category and then assigns them the task. This way, you know your customer is in the hands of an expert who is best suited to provide exceptional service, and drive conversions

Drive Conversions and Increase Cart Size with AI-Driven Product Recommendations

Think of Simplr Specialists as personal shopping assistants available 24/7 on your site, helping buyers to buy, and driving increased revenue by providing intelligent product recommendations to your customers with approved on-brand sales verbiage – all powered by Simplr’s AI Platform.

Measure & Optimize CX’s Impact on Revenue with Revenue Insights

Revenue Insights is a revolutionary new tool that provides actionable intelligence in a data-packed dashboard. For the first time, you’ll get a look beyond table-stakes operational CX metrics to see how Simplr specialists, and your own agents, are impacting sales, driving conversions, and expanding the wallet share of your customers. With this data, you’ll be able to optimize the CX strategy for your brand.