Eliminate Inefficiencies

The only thing wrong with the traditional model is everything.

The fixed and rigid nature of the traditional contact center model causes companies to make costly tradeoffs that most often result in trade-downs for your customer’s experience.  With NOW CX, you’ll start putting your customers first.

Say, “yes,”
to this long list of, “no’s”

No idle time, no understaffing, no overstaffing, no minimums, no scheduling, no hiring, no firing, no training, no deflection, no neglect, no self recrimination, no excuses. No wasting money on things that don’t go toward serving your customer like being available whenever, wherever.

Mack Weldon Partners with Simplr to Deliver Premium Customer Service That Would Be Unachievable in a Traditional Model

Average FRT of 12 Seconds on Chat, 23 Minutes on Email

40% increase in Conversion Rate

4.7/5 CSAT Score


Out with the old, in with the NOW

With Simplr’s model and distributed always-on network, you won’t have any of the constraints of the traditional contact center, instead you’ll enjoy expanding your hours, expanding your channels, improving your response time, improving your conversion rate and getting blissful, deep sleep every night.

Customer-first experiences, every time

When you embrace NOW CX you’re able to reinvest the excess costs associated with the inefficient contact center into customer-first experiences. This is most important in light of the ever increasing expectations of the NOW customer who expects Amazon-esque experiences from every brand they do business with.

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