Decrease Resource Planning

Peace of mind, without all the prep

You didn’t get into customer service to do constant resource planning and demand forecasting. You got in it to help people. And that’s exactly what a switch to Simplr lets you do.

A revolutionary model that meets your needs, automatically

When you engage with Simplr, we train our AI to learn your brand voice and product knowledge so we can use any of our distributed network of highly-qualified specialists to support your customers. So you automatically have the right capacity to meet your fluctuating demand.

Paula’s Choice was able to scale always-ready customer service by providing fast empathetic responses to customer questions through volume fluctuations

Backlog relief. Simplr helped Paula’s Choice dig out of a 4,000 email backlog in the wake of COVID-19.

Instant scale. During the company’s anniversary sale in June, Simplr was able to handle over 6,000 tickets.

No more planning, no more forecasting

And no more backlogs. Simplr partners with your team to handle the requests and inquiries coming in through your digital channels. We’re always on and ready to engage which means no matter what the volume you’ll be perfectly staffed to get ahead of the curve, and make sure no customer is left waiting.

Solve the constant headcount headache

End the costly, stressful scramble to hire, train, and ramp new agents for your team through attrition and seasonality. At Simplr, we train our platform with decision logic, guidance, and information specific to your brand so any one of our specialists in our Human Cloud Network can answer customer questions quickly and accurately without traditional up-front training. That way, we can flex up and down to meet your volume through any surge.

Do what you do best

When you’re free of the hiring, training, and workforce management headaches, you’ll have more time to focus on strategic initiatives. With your new found peace of mind and the time you recapture, coupled with the analytics native to the Simplr platform, you’ll be able to easily identify experience gaps and areas of opportunity so CX can become a revenue driver.

Interested in learning how Simplr Can Help You Always be Ready without the Prep?