Increase Customer Engagement

NOW CX turns “dealing with a problem” into “talking to customers.”

The current outsourced model forces you to make costly compromises like deflecting customers instead of engaging with them. If you’re currently throttling service times, pushing customers to bots or delaying responses – it’s time for a change.

When opportunity knocks, or tweets, or emails or chats, answer it.

Nobody likes being deflected and fewer and fewer will stand for it. After all, when it only takes a couple seconds to visit a competitors website, why would anyone wait 24 hours for an email? To increase customer engagement, you need to meet customers on their time, on their terms.

ANINE BING was able to engage more customers by expanding hours and dramatically shortening response times

Decreased live chat first response time by 95%

Simplr helped ANINE BING make 24/7 coverage a reality. ANINE BING can now better serve and convert customers – both US and international – during peak shopping hours. 

Fact: people value their time more than your merchandise

The traditional contact center model can be unscalable and makes offering consistently responsive service outside of business hours, across all channels, an expensive, operational nightmare.  But with a NOW CX model you can be available at all hours without the constraints of the traditional model since our distributed network of specialists is always on, ready to engage every customer that needs help. 

  • 73% of customers say “valuing their time” is the most important thing a company can do to provide good online service
  • 74% of customers are likely to switch brands if they find the purchasing process too difficult.

Availability over every digital channel all the time

Simplr helps you exceed customer expectations without fixed resources or full-time employees. Our Human Cloud Network is always on, always ready to engage on all digital channels exactly like the always-on customer. Meeting their needs means a better experience with your brand, and translates directly into more revenue.

  • 33% of buyers say they feel neglected or ignored by brands when they can’t engage in the digital channel of their choosing
  • 41% say they have chosen to stop shopping with brands if they have this poor experience

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