Actionable insights for Better Customer Experiences

NOW CX is a customer experience platform that’s all about exceeding customer expectations with consistent, high-quality service. But when customer data is siloed around your business, it’s hard to figure out how to get it right. Simplr breaks down the barriers providing you the tools and real-time data needed to increase visibility and transparency for an intelligent customer experience. Which leads to less friction in your customer services and customer experience, and more revenue opportunity for your business.

A virtuous feedback loop

The Simplr platform automatically monitors specialist performance and uses CSAT scores and written customer feedback to continually improve the quality of their answers in real-time. These data-driven insights are then fed back into the platform creating a virtuous loop of service, feedback and improvement which contributes to customer quality satisfaction.

Real-time visibility into performance

Every engagement comes with a real-time dashboard to monitor the performance of your customer service. Our customer experience services allow you to view CSAT scores, ticket types, speed of service, favored channels, even sentiment analysis which you can use to reduce friction in the buyer’s journey.

Crystal Insights, crystal clear decisions

There’s nothing like making data-informed decisions. And our BI software uses real-time data to feed you real-time insights that you can use to find ticket clusters and experience gaps that you can use to improve your overall business. Suddenly, CX isn’t a cost center but a true customer experience provider and strategic driver of the business.

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