How We Work

Be judged by the company you keep

Join top brands like YETI, The North Face and Allbirds, all of whom drive higher customer engagement, proactively address customer experience issues, and unlock more revenue with Simplr.

A significant part of the overall solution

Simplr is the Ali of boxing, the Picasso of painting and the Eilish of Billie’s. But there are some issues your team will always handle and some where we clearly excel, so we work together seamlessly with everything coordinated and logged in your ticketing system.

A different way of thinking, a different way of acting

A groundbreaking approach to CX that rewrote the rules in service of one thing: eliminating neglect, creating superfans and driving revenue. OK, three things.

The Human Cloud Network:

Our specialists aren’t part of a fixed workforce with set schedules and hourly wages typically found in an outsourced contact center. Simplr’s model leverages a distributed network of thousands of uniquely talented specialists who are all equipped with the tools they need to service your customers in an instant.

AI-Enabled Platform

How are the specialists in our Human Cloud Network always ready and prepared to answer your customer questions with such high quality? Because they’re backed by our AI and ML enabled platform which syncs necessary data and logic, routes in-scope tickets, and provides one unified interface for specialists to manage everything they need to serve your customers.

Actionable Business Insights

Use data to continually improve the performance of our specialists as well as identify and improve the customer experience across the complete buyer’s journey.

Up and Running in No Time

Getting started with Simplr is easy and straightforward, and with a compatible system we can get you up and running in as quickly as two weeks.  It goes like this:

  1. You Book Time With Us
  2. Together, We Identify the CX and Revenue Goals You’re Trying to Achieve
  3. Simplr Starts a Historical Analysis of Your Customer Conversations
  4. We Review Analysis Together and Determine Initial Scope
  5. Simplr Starts Providing Service to Your Customers

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