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Better Than a BPO

As an alternative to a traditional BPO, Simplr’s platform allows companies to get the most out of automation and human labor by having them work together.

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Solo Stove Finds Peace of Mind

“So much is changing so quickly with ChatGPT and LLMs. Simplr is doing leading-edge work in this field – they’ve helped us implement our own generative AI chatbot, which is proving to be a game changer in terms of providing a truly stellar customer experience while helping us achieve greater efficiency. We have confidence in Simplr and how they are helping us bring generative AI into our CX in a safe, responsible way.” — Gretchen Mock, Community Support Manager, Solo Stove

The EngageNow Suite is Changing the Game

80% of consumers are more more willing to use a chatbot if they know they can easily (and quickly!) transfer to a live person. The EngageNow Suite features value-based routing to Simplr’s Human Cloud Network, a community of high-quality agents who can handle complex questions. Oh, and it’s fully-managed by Simplr’s data science team and conversational designer.

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