Increase Revenue

Increase engagement, increase revenue. Simple(r).

Customers spend more, more often with companies that provide great service. So why is customer support managed like a cost center? Because the current contact center model makes it impossible to deliver consistently exceptional service. And anything costs you revenue.

An unfair advantage on the business battlefield

The online marketplace is crowded and your competitors are just a click away. With so many choices, how do you stand out to buyers? Treat everyone like a VIP and they’ll respond by spending like a VIP, purchasing up to 20%.*

Convert New Customers

Provide fast, 24/7 service so customers can buy whenever they are on your site and stop fear of missing out on purchases

Increase AOV & LTV

Leverage Simplr’s conversational commerce capabilities to increase cart size, and optimize CX for revenue generation

Drive Advocacy

Treat every customer touchpoint as a branding opportunity where exceeding expectations leads to customers telling their friends

Increase conversion rates

In today’s world, just getting people to your website can be a time-consuming and costly endeavor. Don’t waste the visit. In fact, 78% of customers have backed out of a purchase due to poor service. But with fast, always-on proactive customer engagement you can pick up what’s lying on the table. Your CFO will thank you.

Use our specialist like your shopping assistants

Customer service can act like unlimited virtual shopping assistants available 24/7, to help make buying from your brand easier. This ensures that when buyers are asking for suggestions, making a return or exchange, or just asking a product specific question, your customer service team is ready to provide the recommendations and guidance they need. So, they leave your site with their carts and hearts full. 

Create customers who create new customers

Customers who love your brand tend to tell their friends.  But “good enough” experiences don’t get the job done. On average, customers will tell 11 other people about a great customer service experience.  Your CX team should focus on maximizing the exceptional experiences, not just minimizing the bad ones, to ensure your customers become promoters who do your marketing for you.

Ready to increase your revenue?