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Happiest Baby Converts 20% of Chats into Revenue with Simplr

“Simplr has helped Happiest Baby convert 20% of live chat messages into sales.”


Happiest Baby wants parents of newborns to get more sleep. Co-founded by world-renowned pediatrician and Happiest Baby on the Block author Dr. Harvey Karp, the company offers a suite of products made specifically for fussy babies and their frazzled parents.

At the heart of Happiest Baby is the SNOO, the world’s first smart sleeper. Thanks to five years of development and testing, the SNOO’s responsive design is proven to reduce crying, boost sleep, and naturally sleep train babies. It’s also designed to prevent accidental rolling over, giving parents peace of mind.

Needless to say, the SNOO is rapidly becoming a staple on baby registries and on baby “must-have” lists on social media. The company locked down $23 million in Series B funding at the end of last year and kicked off it’s new rental model at the beginning of this year.  


Happiest Baby is a customer-first company. It strives to not only sell products, but to be a source of encouragement and expertise to bewildered (and exhausted) parents. “There’s a certain urgency that we need to respect when dealing with our customers,” says Customer Care Manager Matthew McCarron. “It’s all about making sure that they feel like they’re really being heard and supported, and they’re not just getting some quick answer. We want to really connect with them, to understand what their concerns are about their baby’ sleep, about the safety of SNOO, and how it keeps their baby safer.”

In its existing support model, the customer care team did everything and answered all types of questions, with help from hired sleep consultants and specialists. However, as more time and energy was pulled to these high-touch sleep questions via email and phone, customers who had quick, transactional inquiries were left waiting for too long.

McCarron needed to make sure that the customers who asked quick questions got quick responses. “We weren’t able to get to them in a timely manner that really respected the customer’s time, especially when they’re trying to make a purchase decision.” (He’s right to be concerned, 75% of consumers expect help within 5 minutes.)

That’s when McCarron decided that it was time to change the strategy. “We need to either hire and create two different departments, or we need to think of another option. And that’s where Simplr came in.”


After a quick Google search, McCarron found Simplr, a solution he described as a “perfect pairing” of his two most pressing needs: Rapid-fire responses delivered by empathetic people.

McCarron leveraged Simplr’s network of 24/7 US-based Simplr Specialists to handle the company’s tier 1 email and live chat inquiries, giving his in-house team more bandwidth to support the sleep and safety questions. Better yet, the fact many Simplr Specialists are stay-at- home/work-at-home parents provided an extra connection between Simplr and Happiest Baby customers.

It only took a few days for Simplr to get up and running. Using its AI and machine learning technology, Simplr conducted a historical analysis of every Happiest Baby customer ticket. This data equipped Simplr Specialists with a voice that’s unique to Happiest Baby.

“Not only are Simplr Specialist providing the best answers from historical answers, but to know you’ve got a real person there… it gives that nice touch to make sure that customers really are being listened to, and that their specific questions are being answered.”


Simplr and McCarron’s customer care team worked together to ensure that all Happiest Baby customers – no matter their inquiry – were treated with great care and respect for their time.

Here’s how else Simplr’s partnership has impacted Happiest Baby’s customer care strategy:

  • Ability to add (and staff) live chat. Happiest Baby added live chat shortly after partnering with Simplr… because Simplr was able to staff it. Live chat is the preferred channel of younger generations, and customers who interact with live chat are three times more likely to convert. McCarron knew that becoming omnichannel was inevitable, and Simplr made it a reality: “We were really uncertain what type of volume we’d get, what type of questions we’d receive, so we were really nervous to put that little live chat bubble on our product pages. But… the Simplr team made it happen. And as soon as we turned it on, it was phenomenal. We were going through noticing things we could tweak, and it was tweaked as soon as I asked for it. It was incredible.”
  • High conversion rate on live chat. Since implementing outsourced live chat on Happiest Baby, Simplr has successfully converted 20% of all chats into sales. 
  • Improved email first response time. Happiest Baby’s first response time before Simplr was around seven to eight hours, with a commitment to resolve in 24 hours. “We found that when Simplr took those questions over from us, they were responding to the customer within a couple of hours or less.”
  • Happier customers. Happiest Baby and Simplr use surveys to measure satisfaction after every customer interaction. According to McCarron, “before we started with Simplr, when we got really busy, we’d see there was a big decline [in survey score], and we’d go from about 94% down to 88%, because we were having trouble getting to those tickets in a timely manner. After we started working with Simplr, we saw it get back up to the 94% range consistency, even when we were busy or not.”
  • Holiday relief. Simplr was right there with Happiest Baby during the holiday madness of 2018. The company launched multiple sales and McCarron’s team was in overdrive. However, with Simplr handling its share of inquiries, everything felt more manageable. “Simplr did a phenomenal job taking all of those questions, and really helping us respond to hundreds of customers over the holiday season in a quick and timely and quality manner… it was amazing to come in the next day and see the queue and actually say, ‘oh wow, this is actually a decent queue size. This is a manageable!’”

According to McCarron, Simplr’s flexibility made all the difference for the holidays. “I told [Simplr] the weekend before the sale, and [they] were able to respond to those questions and scale back the service when the sale was over.” [insert sigh of relief here.]