Alexandria Collis

US CX Manager, Princess Polly

“Simplr jumping on board and assisting with our chat and email volume has been a blessing in disguise. It has truly been an incredible experience.”

Outpacing competitors

Email is still the most commonly used digital customer service channel. 54% of customers have used email customer service channels in the last year.

Simplr answers over 80% of emails in under 3 hours and over 72% of emails in under 2 hours on a 24 hour basis, when 12 hours is the norm.

24/7 human-staffed live chat

The ability to staff, train, and retain qualified agents is the number one hurdle to providing 24/7, human-staffed live chat.

Simplr’s on-demand solution eliminates these hurdles through a unique blend of AI technology and on-demand talent that delivers the first response to 80% of chats in under 30 seconds.

Not your average joe (or BPO)

Simplr Specialists can respond to chats, emails, social direct messages, and text messages at the same caliber as your highest-performing, most-tenured customer service team member or BPO agent.

The result is a consistently excellent customer experience… at scale.

The best of both worlds – high quality + low cost

We recognize the need for a human touch on every interaction.

By leveraging the on-demand economy, Simplr empowers brands with scaleable, US-based staffing across all digital channels at a fraction of the cost of a traditional call center or hiring in house.

Why customers choose us?

With our variable cost outsourcing solution for customer service, you only pay for results–not downtime or inefficiency. 24/7 coverage with the ability to scale up and down instantly.

Our specialists are not your typical contact center talent. With the help of our advanced technology, we replicate your best reps to deliver high-quality service to answer every customer question.

We are incubated by Asurion, the largest tech protection and support provider in the world. Asurion provides Simplr with secure financial backing, world-class data security, and access to a range of enterprise customer service capabilities.

The highest standard of support

24/7 human-staffed live chat


<30 sec

Email responses in less than 3 hours



Enhancing customer experience


+7 – 16%

Increase customer satisfaction


Up to 20%

Matthew McCarron

Director of CX at Happiest Baby Inc.

Alex Vidaeff

CX Manager at Anine Bing

Christopher Curry

Head of CS at Kettle & Fire

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