• Fueling Growth with Customer Experiences

    High-performing brands are accelerating growth and outpacing competitors with online customer experiences. The on-demand labor economy can help CX teams reach more customers faster.

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Better Than a BPO

Simplr® is the disruptive alternative to legacy BPOs and contact centers. Through its blended AI + human solution, Simplr provides 24/7, on-demand customer service and sales support for enterprise brands.

Its network of US-based (human) Simplr Specialists can respond to chats, emails, social direct messages, and text messages at the same caliber as your highest-performing, most-tenured customer service team member or BPO agent.

The result is a consistently excellent customer experience… at scale. 

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Email responses in less than 3 hours

Email is still the most commonly used digital customer service channel 54% of customers have used email customer service channels in the last year.

71% of emails responded to in under 3 hours is the industry benchmark for best-in-class email first response times (FRT). The average is between 8 and 11 hours FRT.

Simplr answers over 80% of emails in under 3 hours and over 72% of emails in under 2 hours. 

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Text Message

Text customers with speed and empathy

Establishing consistently empathetic responses is best achieved by having a human involved in every customer experience. 

A recent study showed that “feeling unappreciated” is the #1 reason customers switch away from products and services. 

Simplr has recognized the need for a human touch on every interaction. By leveraging the on-demand economy, Simplr empowers brands with scaleable, US-based staffing across all digital channels at a fraction of the cost of a traditional call center or hiring in house.

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24/7 human-staffed live chat

Primetime for online shopping is between 8pm and 10 pm, and yet too many stores don’t have online chat to help convert these browsers into customers.

The ability to staff, train, and retain qualified agents is the number one hurdle to providing 24/7, human-staffed live chat. Simplr’s on-demand solution eviscerates these hurdles through a unique blend of AI technology and the American on-demand economy that delivers the first response to 80% of chats in under 30 seconds. 

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social dm

Efficiently answer social messages

Instead of taking on the costs of being over-staffed or under-staffed on social media channels, Simplr offers ultra-competitive, pay-for-what-you-use pricing.

“Lack of flexibility” is the #1 cause of call center agent attrition. As hiring slows and attrition climbs, legacy call centers struggle to attract and retain high-quality talent.

Simplr offers a hyper-flexible operation and labor model that can scale to seasonal peaks and lows within minutes. Our network of US-based Simplr Specialists work on an on-demand basis. Simplr’s on-demand model is attracting a high level of high-caliber talent to provide consistent coverage, no matter the volume.


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Matthew McCarron
Director of Customer Experience,
Happiest Baby
“Not only are Simplr Specialists providing the best answers from historical answers, but to know you've got a real person there... it gives that nice touch to make sure that customers really are being listened to, and that their specific questions are being answered.”
  • matthew2
  • Matthew McCarron
    Director of Customer Experience,
    Happiest Baby

The voice of the customer
at your fingertips

Our Simplr data scientists have created actionable business intelligence that’s benchmarked alongside peer companies in your industry. The Simplr Dashboard was created in such a way that tells the whole story of your brand’s customer experience – directly from the voice of the customer.

What good are insights if they’re only delivered once a month (or even once a quarter)? The Simplr Dashboard is updated around the clock.


Simplr can start helping within days.