Provide Best-in-Class Experiences for Your NOW Customers with Simplr + Zendesk


Learn how integrating Simplr and Zendesk can exceed NOW customers’ higher-than-high expectations and flip your CX into a revenue-generating machine.

Gone are the days when providing “good enough” CX and customer service could get the job done. Today’s customers have wildly high expectations when it comes to online CX, and they’re raising the stakes for every brand. Simply put: “good enough” isn’t good enough.

How did we get here?

Companies like Amazon, Netflix, Spotify—brands that provide instant service and buzzworthy customer service—are setting the tone for every experience your customer is having. Your business is not only competing with the best brands in the world… it’s competing with this new “NOW” lifestyle.

Although the playing field may be more daunting than ever, having technology that’s built for the NOW customer is a secret weapon to eradicate “good enough” CX once and for all.

Meet NOW Customers in the Moment with Simplr + Zendesk – Case Studies

When NOW customers seek out customer service or support, they are expecting to receive personable, useful responses in a timeframe of, well, NOW. You can’t expect to keep the NOW Customer happy unless you’re able to provide answers right away. That’s table stakes. Responding with lightning speed and providing options for customers to engage directly with your brand is the name of the game.

Thanks to Simplr’s integration with Zendesk, brands like Happiest Baby and Paula’s Choice have been able to look beyond their existing contact center model and take an innovative, effective approach to exceeding NOW customer expectations.

By partnering with Simplr to get the most out of the Zendesk Support Suite, these brands and more are able to:

  • Take advantage of Simplr’s network of specialists to provide 24/7 always-on service so that NOW customers are engaged, not deflected
  • Provide more “in the moment” customer service availability by opening up more service channels, having no “off” service hours, and providing faster response times
  • Ensure that high-quality on-brand service is always delivered to turn customers into fans by syncing Zendesk macros, policy information, and rules with Simplr’s specialist platform

How Simplr + Zendesk Power Exceptional CX for Happiest Baby

Happiest Baby, the company co-founded by world-renowned pediatrician and Happiest Baby on the Block author Dr. Harvey Karp that offers a suite of products made specifically for fussy babies and their frazzled parents, knows this all too well.

“There’s a certain urgency that we need to respect with our customers,” says Happiest Baby Director of CX Matthew McCarron. “It’s all about making sure that they feel like they’re really being heard and supported.”

Needless to say, Zendesk customer Happiest Baby knew they were more than a company that simply sells products for babies. They are — and want to be perceived to be — a trusted source of expertise, encouragement, and relief for exhausted parents. Happiest Baby realized that to deliver the experience they wanted to provide, they needed to be able to respond faster, wherever and whenever their customers needed. For tired and frustrated parents who desperately need support NOW, this was essential.

To be there whenever parents need them, Happiest Baby had wanted to add live chat to their site, but before Simplr, they weren’t able to confidently staff chat, so they never offered it.

But now with Simplr’s  Simplr’s Zendesk Chat integration, Happiest Baby is happy to offer chat. The company’s chats are directed straight to Simplr’s specialists, who provide fast responses to customer questions and offer a direct channel to engage customers when they need support.

And the results speak for themselves: since partnering with Simplr and taking advantage of the Zendesk Live Chat integration, Happiest Baby has been able to significantly grow their business, seeing 20% of their pre-sale chats leading to sales.

Thanks to Zendesk’s system and Simplr’s network of specialists who are always on around the clock, Happiest Baby has grown its business and provides a supportive, trustworthy, there-when-you-need-them experience for customers.

How Simplr + Zendesk Help Paula’s Choice to Dazzle NOW Customers

Paula’s Choice, a well-known brand in the beauty industry since 1995, has prided themselves on their loyal customer base for years. The company knows Paula’s Choice customers are looking for personalized products with an experience to match– and a dazzling customer experience is what keeps Paula’s Choice customers coming back for more.

So, when the company started seeing record growth and site traffic, and backlogs began to pile up in their Zendesk, they knew they needed to do something.

Simplr was able to come in and connect with Zendesk, and not only clear the backlog quickly, but also provide elite response times on new email inquiries, responding in under an hour on average. Paula’s Choice is also seeing a consistent average of 4/7/5 customer satisfaction score on all email tickets handled by Simplr.

“It was definitely a relief to see Simplr online answering emails by the hundreds. Our agents could do a hundred emails a day, maybe, but Simplr really has that nationwide power to come in and really tackle the backlog,” said Joshua Hamman, Director of Client Services at Paula’s Choice.

It’s Time for a New Approach to Win the NOW Customer

Ready to meet your NOW customers in the moment? Join Zendesk customers like Happiest Baby and Paula’s Choice who are realizing the value of partnering with Simplr to maintain the always-on service their customers demand and deserve.

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