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Zendesk Customers Who Love Simplr

How Simplr Works with Your Zendesk Suite to Provide Always-On Service

Easily connect Zendesk to the Simplr Platform for Simplr Specialists to provide fast high-quality responses to every customer question


Customers submit questions via form or Zendesk Chat

Don't change a thing about your Zendesk setup.  Customers submit inquiries as they normally do, and Simplr will make sure every ticket is taken care of.  

Our US-based, on-demand 24/7 customer service outsourcing solution can be up and running for your business within hours.


Simplr's AI & ML ensures Simplr Specialists are able to solve customer issues while staying on brand

By integrating with Zendesk and working with your team Simplr Specialists get access to your most up to date macros, product docs, and policy info without ever accessing your system.

Our US-based, on-demand 24/7 customer service outsourcing solution can be up and running for your business within hours.


In-scope customer questions are routed through Zendesk to Simplr

Simplr's platform integrates directly with Zendesk, where Simplr's fast and intelligent routing gets questions to Simplr Specialists instantly.

Simplr can start helping your customers in a matter of hours. Scale up customer support when it’s busy, scale down when it’s not.


Simplr Specialists get your customers the answers they need quickly and accurately

Our network of Specialists are available 24/7 to make sure that every customer leaves with a quick response, a solution to their problem, and a smile on their face.

By offering 24/7, rapid-fire pre-sale support, Simplr can help drive more customers to checkout.

Simplr Specialists Get Everything They Need to Solve Customer Problems and Stay on Brand, Without Ever Seeing Your Zendesk

Sync your macros, knowledgebase materials, product information, and policy information from Zendesk to Simplr, so Simplr Specialists are always able to respond in your brand voice, with the right information, every time.

The result is a consistently excellent customer experience… at scale.



With Simplr + Zendesk, Say Hello To...
  • Expanded hours.
  • More ways to engage.
  • Raving fans of your brand.
  • CX that scales.
  • Increased conversions. 
  • More repeat customers.
Hello Simplr.

Your CX solution for the NOW customer.


Get Full Visibility into all Simplr-Resolved Tickets in Zendesk

Every ticket resolved by Simplr displays in Zendesk the same way they would if they were taken by your team, so you get full visibility into every interaction with your customer in real-time.


Let’s get started.

With Simplr, you’ll always be there to provide lightning fast service that turns your customers into fans.