Customer Service Glossary

What Is a Zendesk Chatbot?

A Zendesk chatbot is a software program that uses artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning to simulate human written or spoken conversation.

The chatbots help streamline customer support by providing quick access to self-service resources. At the same time, a Zendesk chatbot can swiftly gather customer information before escalating the issue to a live agent, reducing the amount of time that employees spend on each case. 

As a result, the conversational programs have become an increasingly popular addition to customer service live messaging tools. Zendesk customer service tools offer a low-cost, efficient way to provide real-time support and satisfactory resolutions.

The flexible programs work with virtually every instant messaging app or web page as well, helping ensure that customers get convenient, personalized support around the clock. 

How Do Zendesk Chatbots Work?

Zendesk chatbots use natural language processing, machine learning, and predictive or pre-determined conversational flows to process customer issues and requests.

After a customer submits a request, the chatbot analyzes the message for keywords or entity groupings. Then, the bot uses canned responses, data storage, or past interaction history to craft a helpful answer. Many companies choose to pair their chatbots with in-depth knowledge bases. The chatbot can then direct customers to relevant blog posts, articles, or FAQ pages, allowing them to resolve minor issues without a live agent’s help.

Zendesk AI for Improving the Customer Experience

Zendesk instant messaging chatbots can resolve most customer requests in seconds, allowing customer service teams to focus their resources on critical or time-sensitive issues.

By incorporating chatbot technology into the customer service experience, businesses can ensure clients reach a satisfactory resolution in less time without the need for additional support. 

Why Are Zendesk Chatbots Important for Customer Service?

A Zendesk chatbot can help enhance a company’s customer service strategy in several ways, including:

1. 24/7 Support

Now, more than ever, customers expect immediate assistance that suits their schedules. Incorporating chatbots across various communication channels, including social media chats and website pages, allows customers to connect immediately, without experiencing the lag time of phone calls or email exchanges.

The seamless process improves customer satisfaction and helps reduce agent workload as well. 

2. Reduced Customer Support Costs

Zendesk chatbot pricing can vary based on their programming. For example, task-oriented chatbots can efficiently respond to simple questions or basic requests, such as those related to business hours or purchase tracking. On the other hand, data-driven chatbots leverage user history, analytics, and predictive intelligence to anticipate customer needs, initiate a conversation, or provide recommendations. 

Regardless of the type of chatbot that a company chooses, the automation software helps reduce customer support costs by providing rapid, personalized solutions to consumers at any time of the day or night.

As a result, customer service departments can run smoothly with fewer agents and save up to 30% each year, according to a study conducted by Chatbots Magazine.

3. Easy Scalability

Unlike a human customer service department, chatbots don’t need new agents to handle a higher volume of requests. Chatbots can assist multiple customers at once, accessing user profiles and drawing from knowledge bases to provide customers with rapid assistance. 

4. Improved Conversion Rates

Data-driven chatbots can help improve conversion rates by initiating live chat conversations with customers at critical moments during their online journey. The Zendesk chatbot may offer assistance during checkout, connect users to helpful articles after they make a purchase, or upsell products and services. 

5. Streamlined Service

A Zendesk chatbot can facilitate a streamlined, cohesive user experience from start to finish, thanks to the program’s advanced AI technology, machine learning capabilities, and vast knowledge base. 

Each time a customer initiates a conversation with a chatbot, the bot reviews past interactions to provide efficient real-time support. Further, the chatbot can share the information with live agents when necessary, ensuring that customers feel valued and heard at every stage of their journey. 

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