10 Best Shopify Stores for Shoes That Are Generating Revenue with CX


I’ll admit it: I’m not that into shoe shopping. If I go to a shoe warehouse, my children knock down all the boxes. If I go to Zappos, I accidentally buy everything. If I go to a mall, I’ll buy 10 cinnamon sugar pretzels instead of the one thing I came for: shoes.

Thankfully, there’s a whole world of smaller e-commerce sites that entice, not overwhelm, the jaded shoe shopper.

Here are 10 top Shopify stores that are not only making kickass shoes, but creating an amazing Shopify-fueled customer experience that’s (maybe) even better than a mall pretzel.

Tecovas: Hypnotizing Hero Video

tecovas boots homepage shopify customer service

Tecovas makes gorgeous, handmade cowboy boots at an affordable price. Their brand is all about quality, a fact you’ll figure out the second you load their homepage. Their full-width, beautifully-produced hero video spotlights their bootmakers in action. One glance at their homepage and I just knew: 1. These boots are legit, and 2. I should quit my job and become a bootmaker.

What’s great about this top Shopify store’s customer service is that those pesky over-run, easy-to answer questions are ready to be answered before you even ask them. 

Allbirds: Fun with Tree Puns

Allbirds homepage shopify customer service

There’s only one good way to sell shoes made out of trees and wool: quirky looped animations laced with tree puns. (And some creative muscle from the folks at Red Antler.) The loops keep me on the homepage longer, allowing me to soak in all the glorious images of comfy Runners. Before long, I’m finding it hard to remember a time when I didn’t wear shoes made of trees.

Let’s just say it’s a shopping experience that sticks with you. As brands enter the metaverse, it’s precisely these types of creative and imaginative customer experiences that will stick in the minds of customers and keep them coming back for more.

Livie & Luca

Livie & Luca homepage shopify customer service

Squishy baby feet in bunny-shaped sandals? Yes, please! Kids’ shoes this cute deserve an equally adorable Shopify store, and Livie & Luca absolutely delivers. My 3-year-old has extra wide feet, which makes shopping boutique brands difficult (the shoe box often fits better than the actual shoe). Luckily, L&L’s Zendesk-hosted knowledge base lets me know which styles work best.

Packer Shoes: 100+ Years of Experience

Packer shoes homepage shopify customer service

It’s always good to see an established brand seamlessly transition to the e-commerce space along with some of the best Shopify websites.  I commend Packer Shoes for giving their history the hero treatment. Their homepage definitely makes a statement: “We know shoes and neckties used to be really short.”

The historic shoe brand may have more years under its belt, but its customer service strategy is anything but dated; its Shopify storefront offers a self-service FAQ section, empowering customers to find the answers to their own queries. Packer Shoes has certainly kept pace with newcomer brands and matched their CX strategies step by step! 

Peter Nappi: Indoor Google Streetview

The Peter Nappi studio in Nashville, TN is an Edison bulb-laden haven located in an industrial park. The first time I visited a few years ago, I had to wait in my parked car for five minutes while a stray dog peed on my tires. Needless to say, this place has cred.

The handcrafted, Italian-rooted shoemaker’s beautiful Shopify website gives visitors the in-store experience with an embedded Google Indoor Streetview widget. What’s really great about the website experience is that I am not only able to use technology to spend a good chunk of time e-roaming the store and actually checking out items on the racks, I also have personal interaction with their chat assistance if it’s human connection I’m craving. I’d definitely rank Peter Nappi among my top rabies-free online shoe shopping experiences!  

Thursday Boots: Good Values and Good Design

Thursday boots homepage shopify customer service

Thursday Boots’s Shopify site is so rich with soft buttery images that – I’m not kidding – you can actually smell the leather coming from your screen. Better yet, they’ve included an easy-to-navigate submenu that includes an “Our Values” tab, artfully explaining their ethical sourcing and responsible manufacturing processes. At last, I can smell the leather without all the guilt!

As the competition in the ecommerce industry heats up, it’s important for DTC brands to remember that they can win the race for customer loyalty by offering a values-based customer experience that differentiates them from competitors. Follow in the steps of Thursday Boots and incorporate social impact into the core of your customer experience!

GREATS: The Reviews Are… Great!

GREATS shoes homepage shopify customer service


Whenever I’m navigating a new shoe brand, I like to ask friends if they’ve tried the shoes, price compare on other sites, and read as many reviews as possible (mostly for sizing info). GREATS has incorporated both product and site reviews directly into their Shopify page, which cuts down on my legwork. Thanks, GREATS!

If I still have trouble finding my size, they have worked multiple channels into their customer service platform so I can look up an answer, send a chat or engage with an email.


Rothy’s: By the numbers

rothys homepage shopify customer service

I love a good real-time ticking odometer, especially when it involves repurposed water bottles and sensible work flats. What’s great about this top Shopify website is that it doesn’t just give options for sustainable shoes, it gives options for customer service. The amount of choices are likely to keep customers engaged.

Helm Boots: Extra Perk for Customers

Helm boots homepage shopify customer service

Until I become a professional bootmaker (see Tecovas, above), someone else is gonna need to do my resoling. Only the best Shopify stores stand behind their product even after the sale. Helm Boots not only makes high quality boots, they also offer a Resole Program where customers can send their boots in for a tune up. The process seems easy enough thanks to thorough FAQs and a Get in Touch form.

No.6 Store: Look Book Paradise

no 6 homepage shopify customer service

I know about No.6 because high-end clogs just have a way of showing up in my orbit. They’ve since expanded into clothing and accessories, which are displayed beautifully in the site’s ShowTime template. What makes this one of the best Shopify websites and my favorite part of No.6’s site is the access to their Look Book PDFs, which offer a calming respite from the urgency of online shopping. Take a page out of No. 6’s Look Book and test a variety of marketing formats in your CX to see what format resonates most strongly with your customers!