A chatbot platform designed with customers in mind.

Leave it to the experts to build a chatbot that brings the best customer experience, engagement, and success for both your customers and your business.

Features of the Simplr Chatbot Design

We know that chatbots can do a lot, but not everything. That’s why our chatbot technology is customer-first. Its features strive to achieve higher take rates, customer satisfaction, and conversions.



We have one of the few chatbot designs that can be deployed in or outside of partner messaging systems. No new tech required!

Constantly improving.

Simplr Chatbot integrates with CRM and ecommerce systems to pull data, enabling a higher take rate and better bot experience.

Human backup, always.

Our Human Cloud Network is always available for customers who need a higher-touch experience.

Manage Your Chatbot Platform With Ease

Any company, regardless of its current technology architecture, can take advantage of our chatbot tools. This is great for IT systems operators who may be hesitant to add new tools to stack.

Build a Chatbot With Your Business in Mind

The more data our chatbot platform captures, the more it improves both the Simplr Chabot and The Human Cloud. As the partnership continues to grow, so does the level of analytical insight we can leverage to power the entire platform. This generates personalized learnings that we can then use to improve our platform, enhancing the quality of your customer interactions over time.


Create a Secure Customer Engagement Platform

Both Simplr, and our parent company, Asurion, provide industry-leading security practices and qualify for the highest levels of certification. We also partner with international organizations to improve global privacy standards. We keep our walls up so you can keep your business running.

Chatbot Development, Made Easy

Depending on your current ticketing systems, chatbot implementation can take between 4-12 weeks. 


Chatbot Tools with Support

Simplr integrates with CRM and e-commerce systems to pull data and enable customers to take actions leading to a higher resolution rate and better bot experience. We can also work with custom systems. Together, our years of experience with integrations and  the strength of our solutions engineering team sets us apart from other vendors in the space.

Simplr Paves the Way With Leading Technology

We know that chatbots can do a lot, but not everything. That’s why our chatbot technology is purely customer-first. Its features strive to achieve higher customer satisfaction rates, take rates, and conversions.



The Simplr Chatbot integrates with most major ticketing systems to provide automation for the customer service live chat platform .


Simplr Chatbot helps businesses provide customer support on live chat and self-serve channels.


Simplr can integrate into existing systems or build a custom solution for enterprise brands. No requirements!

Choosing a Chatbot Vendor

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