2023 State of Health and Beauty Online CX: How to Maximize Revenue and Loyalty 24/7/365


Simplr’s 2023 State of Health and Beauty Online CX report reveals how today’s leading health and beauty brands are engaging (or neglecting) customers during one of their busiest seasons of the year.

Despite record-setting consumer spending during Black Friday, many of today’s leading health and beauty brands left quite a bit of money on the table. We believe that ineffective customer experience channels are to blame.

Simplr set out to find out whether or not health and beauty brands are using their digital channels at their fullest potential in order to drive more conversions. In the process, we uncovered some exceptional performers as well as opportunities to improve chatbot, live chat, and email experiences so these brands can be sure to hit a home run during the next big shopping rush.

Where are Health and Beauty retailers falling short (or going the extra mile) with online customer service?

We identified one particular “problem area” and one area of opportunity for health and beauty retailers to consider when looking at ways to optimize the customer experience:

  • Problem area: chat with no human intervention 
  • Opportunity: ways to highlight more than just your customers’ natural beauty

Live Chat Availability: Who flipped the switch on Black Friday?

Based on two separate analyses, we found that just over 6% of health and beauty brands turned live chat OFF during Black Friday. But there’s more to the story…

While some brands seemingly still had chat available, nearly 19% of them only had a chatbot with NO access to live human support when needed. Those companies are missing a huge opportunity to engage with holiday browsers and secure more revenue!

For many businesses, deploying live chat during Black Friday can be a tall order: short-staff it and you run the risk of customer neglect. Turn it off, and you miss a sizable revenue opportunity.

Download the full report to see how some brands in this study were able to keep their live chat ON and still generate high CSAT scores. 

Value enhancement: highlighting more than just your customers’ natural beauty

Is your team going the extra mile to build customer loyalty? Nearly 58% of health and beauty retailers offered additional resources to customers during their shopping experience, which helped build better brand loyalty and retention.

By taking it one step further, health and beauty retailers like Benefit Cosmetics and Sally Beauty Supply were able to help customers perceive more value in the products and services provided—not just solve customers’ immediate problems.

The beauty of amazing customer experiences

Every touchpoint throughout the buying process is an opportunity to build customer loyalty and maximize revenue.

For today’s skincare and makeup enthusiasts, this means having easy access to information, fast response times, and quick resolutions, whether they’re trying to replace their favorite foundation, discover the latest and greatest skincare regimen, or track a recent supplement order.

Check out the full report to better understand why health and beauty brands need to eradicate customer neglect once and for all—and how to do it!