Outsource Shopify Customer Service

Don’t leave your Shopify store customers waiting! Get high quality answers to your customer emails and chats. Outsource your customer service to our razor-sharp, US-based, 24/7 customer support specialists.

NOTE: If you’re looking to contact Shopify customer support, you can contact the support team directly at this official link.

Simplr can be up and running for your shop within hours. Click the button below to find out more.

“Simplr’s support has resulted in faster responses and broader support hours, while successfully maintaining the CAVA voice”
  • Meg Schiffman
  • Director of Marketing, CAVA

How Simplr Customer Service Outsourcing Works with Shopify

Simplr uses your knowledge base, macros, and historical customer inquiries to understand your business and brand.

Our highly-trained and vetted outsourced customer support team is on standby to receive your emails, chats, and/or SMS messages.

We use machine learning and AI to assist Simplr support specialists and aim to resolve 50%+ of customer inquires.

Your store’s customers get the answers they need quickly and accurately. You get better first response time and higher customer satisfaction.

Grow your business, not your customer support team

Reduce customer churn by keeping your customers happy with high-quality customer service, usually only available to the largest corporations.

High quality · Low cost

  1. Pay for what you need. Ask for less time, more time, or overtime… without the guilt.
  2. No hidden costs. Pay for resolutions and results, not fees and overhead.
  3. 24/7 coverage. Your customers keep odd hours in many time zones. So do we.
  4. We’ve got talent. Simplr has access to the highest-quality specialists on the market.

Don’t let your Shopify store’s inbox can be over-run by easy-to-answer questions such as explanation of policies, shipping status and other basics that are available on your web store. Let our laser-focused Simplr Specialists make quick work of these transactional support tickets before they start adding up.

Win new customers by leveraging our pre-sale and sales support experience. Simplr Specialists don’t simply answer questions – they are dedicated to making the the most of emails, live chat, SMS and other inbound channels and can help you improve your CS and increase the conversion rate of your Shopify store at scale.