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TaskUs Pricing

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    TaskUs provides outsourced teams that act as virtual extensions of your employee base. Below are the key pricing models TaskUS has shared publicly.

    Background: TaskUs, a business process outsourcer, was founded in 2008 and provides omnichannel contact center support and niche business process outsourcing solutions such as photo editing and content moderation to well-known ecommerce players. 

    As opposed to employing remote employees who work from home, TaskUs has physical office spaces that employees work at, often on stealth projects that require confidentiality and physical access control.

    TaskUs Pricing Overview

    TaskUs does not disclose detailed pricing data but does say that it comes in at the high-end of pricing relative to most of its competitors. TaskUs attributes this to investing in its employees, paying them above-average salaries, and having them stay with the company for longer, thus offering greater value to TaskUs clients.

    At a high level, the company provides three support models: onshore, nearshore and offshore.


    TaskUs Hourly Pricing

    The table below shows hourly rates for each location along with ranges and discounts.

    taskus hourly pricing chart breakdown onshore nearshore offshore

    TaskUs Onshore rates are the highest, at $39 per hour, discountable by $2 – $4, for a discounted range of $35 – $37 per hour. Nearshore rates (served by teams in Mexico) are considerably lower with a range of $14 – $16, discountable to $12. Offshore rates range from $9 – $13.

    TaskUs FTE Model

    The company operates on an FTE model, and generally does not go below 5 FTE; ideally, it prefers starting out with a 15 FTE engagement. TaskUs uses a 167-hour month for FTE calculations.

    taskus FTE pricing chart breakdown onshore nearshore offshore

    Accordingly, Taskus FTE prices range from a low of $1,500 for an offshore employee to a high of $6,500 for an onshore employee, with FTE pricing dependent on location, support tier, and level of “white glove” service (aka task complexity).

    TaskUs offers four tiers of support, with Tier 1 being the most basic and Tier 4 support being the most complex and technical, and costing the most.

    TaskUs does not charge setup fees. Its FTE pricing includes tools for workforce management (WFM), onboarding expenses and consulting expenses. In many instances, TaskUs’ Innovation Council offers more effective ways of completing tasks, which is included in its FTE pricing.

    In a nutshell, its monthly pricing reflects the number of FTEs a client hires at each tier level, accounting for pricing for different tiers of support. 

    While exploring your outsourcer options you could always look into a flexible, variable cost outsourcing solution for customer service. By avoiding the FTE pricing model, you only pay for exact results.

    TaskUs also offers help with temporary engagements, such as campaigns that need to be run for 3-6 months. Its contracts have cancellation provisions which give clients the leeway to breakaway if they are dissatisfied with TaskUs’ services.