Bye, bye BPO?

Could Simplr’s unique combination of automation + human labor be better than a Business Process Outsourcer? We think so.

Let’s evaluate the pros and cons of a Business Process Outsourcer.

Decreased costs and access to cutting-edge technology are just two benefits associated with BPOs. But it’s important to weigh these benefits with downsides of outsourcing, too.

Downside #1: Inflexible staffing

With fixed labor models, traditional Business Process Outsourcers are afflicted by the never-ending cycle of “forecast, commit, recruit, train, ramp, attrition.” As a result, scalability, quality, and cost efficiency suffer. In a best case scenario, a BPO operates at 70% utilization, but you still pay for the 30% that’s underutilized.  

Downside #2: Loss of quality

The agents in call centers are not as directly accessible (or held as accountable) as traditional in-house employees. This makes it more difficult to maintain a high level of quality assurance. Brands should never have to choose between low-cost vs. high-quality CX.


Downside #3: Deflected and neglected customers

BPOs are designed to be a cost center versus revenue-generator. Thanks to this outdated mindset, BPOs try to keep costs down by instructing agents to deflect and neglect customers. CX interactions that could be an opportunity to cultivate a five-star fan can quickly become a customer service fail.

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