Change the game with NOW CX

Deciding to differentiate your brand by delivering unparalleled service is a strategic decision that touches the whole org. For the better, we might add.

Leaders, Lead

Customer Experience

Prevent neglect and deflection, while creating new customers and fans of the business.

Customer Support

Improve response times and CSAT scores without time-consuming resource planning

Digital Marketing & Brand

Stop wasting site visits, convert more customers with fast, empathetic answers to buyer’s questions

Be judged by the company you keep

42% higher repeat purchase rate with Simplr

2X lift in conversion rate with Simplr

114% increase in conversion rate with Simplr

Out with the old,
in with the NOW

Traditional Contact Center
  • Constant Resource Planning & Preparation
  • Costly Compromises
  • Deflecting
  • Neglected Customers
  • Cost Center
Don’t Take Our Word for It:

Get Forrester’s Take on Simplr’s Impact on Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty