Simplr for Customer Experience

From a cost center to a growth driver

Treat every engagement as a revenue opportunity and you’ll transform the trajectory of your business. Happy customers come back and they tell all their friends and family.

ANINE BING sets themselves apart by expanding hours and dramatically shortening response times

Simplr helped ANINE BING make 24/7 coverage a reality. ANINE BING can now better serve and convert customers – both US and international – during peak shopping hours.

Decreased live chat first response time by 95%

“When customers come to our website and they’re about to drop a few hundred dollars, sometimes even a few thousand dollars, they’re looking for the customer experience to match the quality of the products they’re about to purchase. We really feel like Simplr is matching those high expectations.”
  • Alex Vidaeff
  • Customer Experience Manager, ANINE BING

Create more revenue

The always-on customer has mad expectations of the companies they choose to do business with. So if you neglect or deflect them they’re gone. But if you engage quickly, on the channel of their choosing with accurate answers you earn their business for life. Cha-ching.

Stop reacting, start pro-acting

Neglecting or deflecting a customer creates problems. They have to wait and you build an unmanageable backlog. Why not offer industry leading response times that create a frictionless buying experience and make sure backlogs never build? If you’re willing, we can make you ready and able.

Be more strategic

Managing traditional outsourcers wastes your time and resources and leaves you feeling like the things you want to get done will just have to wait. Not anymore. As your partner, Simplr scopes your needs and stands ready to serve your customers around the clock. So you can finally do what needs to be done with complete peace of mind.