Simplr for Digital Experience & Marketing

Site visits are precious,
don’t waste them.

It’s getting increasingly difficult to draw customers to your site. So making it easy for them to buy when they get there is paramount to the success of your marketing efforts.

Maximize your marketing efforts

The best way to turn customers into buyers is to make it easy for them to buy. How? By answering questions whenever and wherever they have them. Increasing conversion rates and decreasing abandonment rates also offsets your increasing acquisition costs.

Deliver personal service that bots can’t

Bots offer quick engagement but they’re no replacement for people. Bots are transactional not empathetic. But with the NOW CX approach combining people with technology, Simplr is able to scale fast, accurate answers for all pre-sale questions whether product, policy or brand.

Enhance brand reputation

It takes a lifetime to build a reputation and a minute to destroy it. All it takes is one bad experience that quickly spreads over social media rendering all your marketing efforts moot. With traditional outsourcers, this is a gigantic risk to your business. With Simplr, you gain an advantage: great service that sets your brand apart from the competition and safeguards your status.

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