Simplr for Customer Support

Better customer support with less headache

With Simplr, you can improve CSAT, deliver industry leading response times around the clock, and reduce the time spent forecasting, coaching and training. No, you’re not dreaming.

42% higher repeat purchase rate for customers who engage with Simplr

90% of response times are under 30 seconds.

Deliver faster service

Simplr is all about combating customer neglect, and fast response times are the #1 driver of exceptional service. Luckily, our Human Cloud Network is always-on and has an average chat response time of less than 30 seconds and an average email response time of less than 3 hours.

Meet any demand

The traditional model requires tedious forecasting, costly staffing and constant turnover which means you spend more time hiring and training staff than serving customers. With Simplr, you meet any and all demand year round. No backlog and no staffing issues for you to manage.

Eliminate costly tradeoffs

Your job is to provide the best support and service possible for your customers. Doing that the traditional way means idle time. Downtime and overhead costs that make your mission difficult if not impossible. Simplr’s model solves those problems across more channels and all hours.

  • Avg. Across All Simplr Customers: 7-16% lift in CSAT
  • Paula’s Choice: 4.7/5 CSAT score with Simplr

Want consistently high CSAT scores?