How to Name Your Shopify Store – 3 Tips to (Hopefully) Stop Your Writer’s Block

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    As you’re building your Shopify store, take care not to reduce your store name to an afterthought!

    You’ve put in all the work of sourcing your products, figuring out logistics, and building your business from the ground up. As inconsequential as the name may seem in light of all your hard work, your business name (and by extension, your domain name) can either give you a serious leg up or completely kneecap your chances of success. So what does it take to pick a great name for your online store?

    Why does your Shopify store need a great name?

    A great name will stand out to your potential customers, be easy to remember and type, and provide at least a hint of what you sell. A business name that is excessively generic will make it difficult for your site to rank in Google; a name that is very odd or disconnected from your product may be off-putting or too hard to remember. The trick lies in finding the sweet spot somewhere between search-engine friendly and daringly unique.

    Here are the key points to keep in mind as you develop a great name for your online store, whether it’s a Shopify, Wix, or any other ecommerce website:

    Make it short, simple and easy to remember.

    This is the most important aspect of your store name. Domain names can be around 60 characters, but your store name definitely shouldn’t be that long. Your web shop’s name should be easy to say, type, and read. As you try out names, say them out loud. Then ask other people to say them out loud, and make sure they’re easy to pronounce. You should also make sure that someone who just hears the name but doesn’t see it written out would still be able to figure out how to type it into the search bar.

    Consider keywords relevant to your product.

    Do some keyword research for common searches relevant to the products you sell, and consider whether you can incorporate them into your store name in a way that feels natural. If you can snag a name that is also a common search, you’re in business. However, this is unlikely due to the saturation of stores and domains already out there.

    It’s also challenging to stand out when your Shopify store’s name is simply a generic keyword like “Hiking Gear.” An easy solution to this problem is a combination of your keyword with another word. This added uniqueness also increases your chances of getting the domain name you want. Sticking with the hiking gear idea, here are some examples:

    • Hiking Boutique
    • Outfit My Hike
    • Hiking Gear Express
    • The Hike Shop

    Each of these names is short and sweet and makes it clear that the product being sold is hiking gear, but they each evoke a slightly different feel. It’s easy to see the wide range of possible ways to create a unique name that really reflects what your business is about- all with simple words that are easy to remember and type.

    Compare your top choices with existing store names

    After you’ve done some keyword research and narrowed down a list of ideas, research similar stores and find out what names are already in use for stores selling products like yours.

    Something too close to another store name will be confusing. If you have your heart set on “Hiking Boutique” but in your research you discover that there’s another shop selling under the name “The Hike Boutique”, you are going to want to run far away from that name. Your business name is a chance to stand out from the crowd, so you have to be willing to “kill your darlings”, so to speak, if they’re not going to set you up for success. Nobody with a business to run wants to spend half their time correcting confused customers (or handling a lawsuit).

    As you search for similar shops and shop names, include social media in your search. This is key. Most new stores start their journey via Facebook and Instagram ads. You want to be able to use your brand there as well, so make sure what you want isn’t already taken. Using the same name across all platforms makes it significantly easier for customers to find you too.

    A great domain name will make it easier for new customers for find you. Not only that, but it will make it easier for customers to remember you, and to recommend you to others. The most important key points to remember as you brainstorm are to keep your store name on the side of short and simple, consider including a relevant keyword to make it clear what you do, and make sure that it’s unique enough to differentiate you from your competition. Choosing a name for your business doesn’t have to be stressful; just put the same thoughtfulness into it as you put into all other aspects of running your online store, and you’re sure to stand out from the crowd.