Simplr Integrates with Zendesk, Helping Online Brands Maximize the Effectiveness of their CX Strategy and Technology


Happiest Baby and Paula’s Choice Elevate their CX Beyond Existing Contact Center Model

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (October 27, 2020) – Simplr, a human-first, machine-enabled customer experience platform, has integrated with  Zendesk’s CRM platform, helping brands shed the constraints of the contact center model and maximize the effectiveness of the Zendesk Support Suite

According to Zendesk, 65% of consumers expect customer service to be faster now than it was five years ago. Innovative brands are finding new ways to meet the demands of the “Now Customer” who expects rapid resolutions and engaged interactions. Given that traditional contact centers’ fixed staffing, training and scheduling often force CX teams to make costly compromises to customer satisfaction, Simplr’s approach of providing quality, always-on service through expanded service channels and availability has helped companies elevate their CX capabilities. 

“It’s a great partnership that combines Zendesk’s powerful technology with Simplr and their scalable, always-on, omni-channel, outsourced customer service offerings,” said Nathan Smith, Director, Partner Sales at Zendesk.

By partnering with Simplr to get the most out of Zendesk, two online brand innovators, Happiest Baby and Paula’s Choice, have been able to:

  • Provide more availability for customers to engage by opening up more service channels and service hours, and by achieving faster response times 
  • Sync macros, policy information, and rules from Zendesk to Simplr’s specialist platform to ensure the highest quality on-brand service is delivered to turn customers into fans

Simplr/Zendesk Power Chat Channel for Happiest Baby

Happiest Baby, best known for the popular SNOO Smart Sleeper, offers a suite of products made specifically for fussy babies and their frazzled parents. Their customer service team is a trusted source of expertise, encouragement and relief for exhausted parents. With data showing that 41% of Millennials expect more options like chat to contact brands and 48% of all buyers prefer live chat to solve their problems, the company was exploring leveraging the chat channel for their customers. 

According to Matthew McCarron, Director of Customer Experience at Happiest Baby, the team had concerns about enabling live chat on their website, as they were uncertain of the volume they would get and the types of questions they would receive. 

“There were concerns about putting that little live chat bubble on our product pages but the Simplr team helped make it extremely successful for us,” said McCarron. “As soon as we turned it on, it was phenomenal. Simplr lets us engage with our customers whenever they want to engage with us, 24/7 through chat, which has allowed us to service existing customers better and convert new customers, as well.”

McCarron noted, “Before we started with Simplr, when we got really busy, we’d see a big decline [in survey scores]. We’d go from about 94% down to 88%, because we were having trouble getting to those tickets in a timely manner. After we started working with Simplr, we saw our scores rise back up to the 94% range consistently, whether we were busy or not.”

Since implementing outsourced live chat on Happiest Baby, Simplr has successfully converted 20% of all chats into sales. 

Online Beauty Retailer Paula’s Choice Scales CX with Simplr/Zendesk

Paula’s Choice, a popular beauty brand launched in 1995, boasts a fiercely loyal customer base that seeks a personalized product and an experience to match. The brand’s ability to consistently deliver on both fronts resulted in the company seeing record site traffic and revenue growth. With his team at capacity, Joshua Hamman, Director of Client Services for Paula’s Choice, sought an effective way to continue scaling the business while working to keep up with customer demand. His goal was to address the increase in email inquiries and potential backlogs to ensure his team could continue providing the elite level of service that kept their customers coming back.  

Hamman points out that the Paula’s Choice customer service team has always been known for taking a lot of time and care in their customer responses and places a big focus on properly educating their customers on their products, making it challenging to find the right partner to help handle email inquiries. 

There was initial concern that Simplr’s Specialists could properly handle email inquiries but Hamman noted that any concerns quickly dissipated, with Simplr answering emails by the hundreds on a daily basis. “It was definitely a relief to see Simplr online answering emails by the hundreds. Our agents could do almost a hundred emails a day, but Simplr has that nationwide power to come in and really tackle the backlog,” said Hamman.

Paula’s Choice is seeing a consistent average of 4.7 out of 5 customer satisfaction score on all email tickets handled by Simplr and, in acknowledgment of the “Now Customer” the tickets handled by Simplr Specialists are answered in an average time of 57 minutes.

“A typical Paula’s Choice customer is looking for a personalized product with an experience to match. In the hyper-competitive online beauty industry, a stellar customer experience is part of what keeps Paula’s Choice customers coming back for more. Simplr helps us provide that,” said Hamman.