Simplr CX Agent Spotlight: Meet Solomon S.


Simplr wouldn’t be Simplr without our incredible Human Cloud Network of SimplrFlex agents!

Get to know one of our agents, Solomon S., in the Q&A below. Solomon discusses his favorite customer interaction, tips for delivering stellar service, and more.

How did you hear about SimplrFlex? If someone referred you, who was it?

Through the staff of Anywhere Expert.

Have you taken on any gig work in the past (transportation, food delivery service, etc.)? How about call center or customer service work? If so, can you tell us about that experience?

I have done Door Dash and Uber before. It was fast-paced and overall, I’d say a good experience. I’d do it again if I was ever in a position where it was a must. Also, I worked in several different call centers throughout my life. I’d say at least 12+ years. It served its purpose, but it’s not something I’d run back to. The micro-managing style was overwhelming and dealing with irate customers constantly proved to be
extremely stressful. I dreaded going to work many days, unfortunately.

Tell us about your SimplrFlex experience. You can talk about why you decided to apply, the community, and/or your general experience working with our Business Partners.

Simplr has been an answered prayer in many different ways. I absolutely enjoy the flexibility and the staff. I simply think a partnership such as the one provided here is rare. The community aspect is a great outlet to meet others, lighten the work mood, and even become informed. It also provides helpful tips for better productivity.

What’s something you’ve learned since joining SimplrFlex?

I’ve relearned that even though flexibility is awesome, a schedule is still necessary with a family. I’ve also learned a great deal about the business practices of many companies.

To what do you attribute your success as an Expert?

The staff and their helpful resources. I use them on every single chat and email.

It’s been proven that empathy and personal connections are hallmarks of the best customer interactions. How do you try to develop a good, one-to-one connection with customers?

I find that acknowledging any points of disappointment during an interaction proves that I’ve read what the customer’s sentiment is, as well as letting them know that I’m thinking about how they feel and not just here to answer a question.

Do you have a particularly favorite interaction where you know you made a great connection with a customer or positively impacted their overall customer experience?

Recently, I had a Steve Madden customer who needed a shoe ASAP. Their order wasn’t shipped yet. This was a chat. I actually made a call from my cell to a local store to check their inventory in which they had the shoe that was needed. I arranged for them to hold it and the customer made plans to pick it up. That was probably one of the best.

What advice would you give to other SimplrFlex Experts? Or to those who are just starting in customer service?

Take your time at first. The information can be overwhelming, however, just like most things, familiarity helps with speed. At the same time, never become so familiar that you become unable to adapt to change. Business Partners constantly change their processes. Read, read, read!

What do you enjoy most about working as a SimplrFlex Expert?

The flexibility. Without doubt. I get to basically be my own boss and my success depends a great deal on me.

Favorite musical artist to listen to while working?

Maverick City Music.

Is there anything you’d like to tell us about yourself? This could be hobbies, interests, etc.

I have a clothing brand and YouTube channel. I also have a huge 8-month 60+ pound puppy that’s a little crazy.