Simplr CX Agent Spotlight: Meet Lindsey E.


What’s the secret to Simplr’s CX success? Our SimplrFlex agents like Lindsey E.! Simplr’s distributed, fully remote Human Cloud Network is made up of agents just like Lindsey who are committed to delivering top-notch customer experiences. 

Get to know Lindsey by checking out her Q&A below.

How did you hear about SimplrFlex? If someone referred you, who was it?

I found SimplrFlex through a Google search when I was researching WFH opportunities with flexible scheduling.

Have you taken on any gig work in the past (transportation, food delivery service, etc.)? How about call center or customer service work? If so, can you tell us about that experience?

I previously worked for Amazon customer service in the Prime Wardrobe and General Customer Service departments. I took calls, chats, and emails covering a wide variety of issues. I also served as the Peer Mentor for the Prime Wardrobe team and provided tips and advice to my teammates on how to improve their macros via videos I created and through direct messaging. While I enjoyed the work and my team, I left to find an opportunity that would allow me to be in charge of my schedule.

Tell us about your SimplrFlex experience! You can talk about why you decided to apply, the community, and/or your general experience working with our Business Partners.

Oh gosh, there’s so much I could say here! I decided to apply while working from home for Amazon customer service. That was my first work from home experience and I found that I loved working from home and have always loved and excelled in roles where I get to assist people. I really wanted to find something where I could continue to serve customers from home, but make my own schedule. My time at SimplrFlex has been so rewarding! The support from the Specialists is off the charts. This is truly the most supportive, fair, and encouraging environment I’ve ever worked in. The platform is easy to navigate, the macros are empathetic and straight forward and there’s always someone available to answer questions if I need help. Experts are set up to flourish and it’s a great feeling! The community has been a great source of help and friendship. I’ve loved getting to know my fellow Experts through the Expert Community and I look forward to interacting with them each day. Another thing I really love about SimplrFlex is the variety of Business Partners. It keeps things interesting and it’s very rewarding to know that we are able to offer support to a number of different companies and industries. I appreciate the knowledge that this variety gifts me as it’s helped me understand not only how these companies operate, but how the business world at large operates as well.

What’s something you’ve learned since joining SimplrFlex?

I have learned that there’s so many layers to business operations. There’s many things that can justifiably upset a customer because they don’t have insider knowledge to the policies, procedures, or difficulties businesses are facing in this era of online shopping and global pandemic that we’re currently living in. I’ve gained insight into how to harness and target empathy and kindness though what I’ve learned as I’ve navigated this era on the backend. It’s also created an empathy and drive to support the Business Partners as well, they’re facing a lot of difficulty! I attribute what I’ve gained to the excellent partner guides and feedback that is available to Experts. Experts are not the only ones set up to flourish as we navigate assisting customers in this era. It’s clear the business partners are set up to flourish as well and benefit greatly from SimplrFlex’s set up.

To what do you attribute your success as an Expert?

I attribute my success to being an environment that is in perfect in sync with how I operate. The empathy, encouragement, and solidarity that exists here allows me to embrace and assist customers in the way that feels the most natural to me.

It’s been proven that empathy and personal connections are hallmarks of the best customer interactions. How do you try to develop a good, one-to-one connection with customers?

First and foremost, mirroring is my top customer connection tool. It never fails to make a customer feel heard. Relaying snippets of their inquiry and including things like the item name instead of the order number goes a long way. Customers want to be heard (usually more than anything) and once they know you’re listening, it cuts through the tension and leaves room for you to assist them. On top of that, I like to add any additional knowledge that I have of timelines, expectations, or procedure that I can to assure the customer has a well rounded understanding of why something is happening and what to expect moving forward. Being confident and matching the tone of a Business Partner allows you to gain a customer’s trust. Once you have their trust, you can rest assured that they know you’re sincere in the empathy you display.

Do you have a particularly favorite interaction where you know you made a great connection with a customer or positively impacted their overall customer experience?

Recently, a Business Partner has had issues with shipping delays. It’s a scenario where I there’s not a resolution I can provide outside of asking them to continue to wait. I got some negative feedback for these tickets at first. Through that feedback, I was able to tailor my responses to include small changes like the item name, a well rounded explanation of the length of possible carrier delays and a date to reach back out. Once I added those elements, the customer feedback overall has been very positive. They’ve expressed that it is more than they’d expect to hear and feel that I truly care. To be able to make the customer feel heard and cared for and know that they can trust me is such a great feeling.

What advice would you give to other SimplrFlex Experts? Or to those who are just starting in customer service?

My best advice is to be confident in yourself and have grace for yourself. You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t capable and there are so many learning opportunities that the challenges of customer service can provide. Be open to feedback, be empathetic to both the customer and the Business Partner and tweak your approach as you go. You’ll find your groove and grow to love what you do!

What do you enjoy most about working as a SimplrFlex Expert?

I enjoy getting to help a wide variety of Business Partners. It keeps it fun and interesting! I also enjoy being in this environment because it allows me to challenge myself and grow in my abilities thanks to the support system that exists here.

Favorite musical artist to listen to while working?

You can catch me out here with my emo playlists I created in high school. Haha. Nostalgia is the best medicine to keep me energized.

Is there anything you’d like to tell us about yourself? This could be hobbies, interests, etc.

I’m a natural helper, it’s one of my greatest joys in life even outside of SimplrFlex. I am currently chasing my dream of living more simply and hope to have everything in place to move out into the country and homeschool my kids in the wild within the next year.