How We’re Different

Necessity is truly the mother of invention

After managing hundreds of contact centers for their millions of customers, our parent company, Asurion, set out to create a new customer care service that breaks free from the constraints and costs of the traditional model. Thus Simplr was born.

Not just better, different

Simplr is not an optimization of the old model. It’s a whole new way of thinking about customer service; its purpose, its delivery, and the technology involved. That’s why Paula’s Choice, Steve Madden, and The North Face use Simplr as their customer service provider to transform their pre- and post-sales support.

Paula’s Choice scales exceptional experiences through volume fluctuations

Reduce customer service cost and drive revenue

Most companies manage customer service and chat support outsourcing as a cost center. But the best companies, our customers, see every interaction as an opportunity to drive significant revenue by engaging quickly to convert more customers and create more fans.

Scale without forecasting or lock periods

Most customer support outsourcers force in-depth forecasting and service level commitments with inconvenient lock periods. Our model simply scales to meet the support demand in real-time without arduous planning and obligation to a customer support agency. So you can spend more time on strategic opportunities.

Pay only for resolved issues

Fixed staffing, fixed scheduling, idle time, shrinkage these are all normal characteristics of the traditional contact center model. They’re totally inefficient and they cost you lots of money which is why we ended them. With Simplr we reduce customer service costs. There is zero overhead.

Enjoy consistently superior service

The traditional model of live chat BPO services comes with a regular cycle of hiring, training, and firing that increases the chance of human error. Our distributed network of specialists backed by our AI enabled platform solves all that by ensuring every engagement is fast, on-brand, and consistent.

Data that makes you smarter

Our customer experience platform not only makes our specialists smarter and more capable, it makes you so too. Crystal Insights analyzes every interaction so you can spot trends, solve common CX pain points and consistently optimize your offering.

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