Top 3 Challenges of Implementing Artificial Intelligence in Customer Service

Results from a study of CX leaders at global enterprises show opportunities for maximizing an investment in automation

How do you know if you’re getting the most from your investment in automation?

The challenges of implementing AI in customer service are highlighted in Driving Next-Gen Customer Experience Through Chatbot-Agent Collaboration, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Simplr in May 2022.

In the study, the following challenges were cited as the biggest struggles among CX decision-makers at global enterprises:

  1. Inability to identify and route high-value customer conversations to an agent-led channel

According to Simplr’s 2022 Consumer Study on Chatbots, a seamless transfer from bot to human results in 60% of consumers being more likely to continue to do business with a brand. In short, the ability to identify and route these conversations is not a perk, but a business necessity.

Easier said than done.

In Driving Next-Gen Customer Experience Through Chatbot-Agent Collaboration, 52% of CX decision-makers at global enterprises stated that their organization struggles to route high-value conversations. This leaves organizations ill-prepared to meet customer needs and expectations with seamless experiences.

  1. Poor integration among customer service automation technologies

There are a lot of CX automation technologies out there. At enterprise companies, there’s a greater risk of technology overload –departments are siloed, legacy tech lingers, and the scale of the business demands high investment in different solutions.

When picking an automation vendor, it’s critical to understand its role in your company’s larger tech stack.

  1. High costs associated with maintaining and optimizing AI programs

Implementing a chatbot comes with many costs, some which are not clear upfront. The time and resources needed for implementation and maintenance can sometimes outweigh the original investment. It’s important to invest in an AI-based solution that improves with time and keeps costs low (without sacrificing quality).


As digital experiences come to play an increasingly important role in defining CX, leaders must ensure they’re getting the most from their investments in automation and augmentation. For more information, check out the following resources: